Why was my thread closed

Like I said I was wondering why my thread was closed? Was it because I made a mistake in making two threads?

I guess I made a mistake with two threads-one concerning cd-r quality and one DVD quality.

Sorry mods–I thought the two threads should be kept seperate since I was talking about two types of media/burns. I guess I made a boo-boo :bigsmile: --sorry my bad :o

I was hoping to get more response on that dvd scan–as I am confused why it would give me so-so pie and and pretty good pif? It would seem logical that it would give either bad results on both or good results on both?

I believe they were merged into one thread - possibly imkidd57 can explain more :slight_smile:

The two threads were merged by mistake because they looked similar. The moderator ([B]imkidd57[/B]) then discovered this mistake, closed the thread temporarily, split the threads again, and then reopened them.

So nothing to worry about. :wink:

Eh, even I’m confused now…mind you, that’s not difficult :bigsmile:

@Roadhog: yes sorry it was my mistake - I didn’t read the thread titles properly and merged them. However they are now split again back to their original form, and of course you did nothing wrong.

I just closed them temporarily to do the reconstruction.

Thanks Mod.

I am new here so I thought I did something wrong–glad I didn’t.

Well…I can think of one thing you did ‘wrong’… :wink:

Quote from our rules:

When you disagree with any decision taken by a member of the administrative team you can contact the administrator in question through Private Messaging or email to ask for an explanation. Do not start a new thread when you want to enquire about the reason for an action taken by the administrative staff, but contact the responsible forum moderator(s).

But no real harm…just something to keep in mind…