Why Vista is using too much of hard disk space after win upgrades?

hi guys
i installed vista home pro in my laptop and i update my windows for security updates etc …i think they were 81 windows updates of around 350 mb …

now i have noticed that “windows” directory has size of around 9 gb which is huge…further investigating i have found out that there are two folders which have used too much of space …so i am thinking to delete them :stuck_out_tongue:
but i am not sure to i am using folder names with u guys before deletion :slight_smile:

SoftwareDistribution >>size 2.56 gb
winsxs>>>>>>>>>>>>size 6.09 gb

Note : i had selected silverlight , dot net framework sp2 ,ie8 like updates/upgrade also .

can i delete the data in these folders ?

I have also noticed this, after a clean install i have lets say 15gb usage, while after all updates and SPs i have double the space used. Makes no sense, needing 30Gb just for the OS and updates.

I do not know whether it would be safe to delete the folders you mentioned, however I would not delete any OS folders if i were you.

The WinSXS folder is not a folder people recommend you try to altogether remove. It basically allows all the programs on your computer to function properly, and allows for any programs that may have a habit of trying to overwrite each other’s files to co-exist without issues, and it’s one of those folders that cannot “self-rebuild” without a clean OS install.

HOWEVER, not all content within the folder is required for proper use, but there’s no known way to figure out how to safely delete all useless files without manually going into each sub-folder and checking each file to make sure it is associated with a program no longer installed.

I remember there being some way to get rid of some of the bloat. Check the first two or 3 links in this Google search to see if you gain a bit of space back to make up for those two large folders. Your mileage will vary. [I’ve done it, and it’s totally safe].

[I believe the above also applies for the Software Distribution folder. It’s another bloated folder seemingly required by *something*, *sometime*, meaning it has to stay].

[QUOTE=zshan000;2284555]SoftwareDistribution >>size 2.56 gb
can i delete the data in these folders ?[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Albert;2284657] [I believe the above also applies for the Software Distribution folder. It’s another bloated folder seemingly required by *something*, *sometime*, meaning it has to stay].[/QUOTE] On Windows XP you can safely delete the …\SoftwareDistribution\Download\ folder (or its contents). It is used by Windows Automatic Updates, and at worst the files will be downloaded again if needed. I have included this in my CCleaner list (and I use manual instead of automatic updates).

Deleting the other folders under SoftwareDistribution may or may not be safe.

I would think the same applies in Windows Vista, but I won’t take responsibility for bad things happening - do your own research first. :cool:

Before I did some tweaks quite a while back my System Volume Information folder was very large now it shows as folder empty.
I also tried the moving the winsxs to a different drive with a Symbolic link.This didn’t work well so if you run across that I don’t recommend it.
I don’t remember doing anything to my SoftwareDistribution folder but it is only 36.2 MB.
winsxs is still huge 7.48GB on my Vista.

I doubt if the content of the WinSxS or Software Distribution folders affects the performance of the system.

On some systems that I have worked on where users were having trouble installing some updates, the solution was to find it in the Software Distribition folders and delete the references to that update so Windows Update can properly reinstall it.

I would recommend you leave these folders as they are, especially with Vista.
A Vista backup is huge anyway so why worry?

If you are experiencing adverse effects in performance due to low free drive space, purchase a larger hard drive.

At today’s hard drive prices I would recommend upgrading if it is applicable.
On Vista I delete very little other than temp files and ocassionally Shadow Copy. I don’t need Restore Points from a month ago.

thanks u guys for ur valuable feed back :slight_smile: … but i am gona try to delete files but in near future :stuck_out_tongue: …i will give u feed back later …

Good luck with that.

The WinSxS folder contains multiple copies of .dll files required by different applications. Deleting this folder may result in software incompatibilities.

The Secret Of Windows Vista WinSxS Folder

As Drage mentioned prviously, the SoftwareDistribution folder relates to Windows Update. Although it is safe to delete the folder it is automatically recreated the next time you run Windows Update.

However, selective folder deletion within the SoftwareDistribution folder [B]may[/B] result in Windows Update spitting out error codes.