Why verbatim, why you suck



last two batches of verbatim dvd+r have a ring near the outer edge. some disc the ring causes problems like below, some burn and scan fine.

the burns, transfer rates, and quality scans are good until the crap ring.

i bought the last 2 - 100 spindle form supermediastore (i think). does their media suck or are these batches just crap? has verbatim gone crappy?

i know dvds are now the past, long forgotten like tapes and vinyl, but come on i still use it lol verbatim dont fail me now :bow:


dont really remember from where i bought them

edit/ edit/

i received a crap drive and bought a new drive (check my last postings) and all was fine with the first batch of new media and new drive. then i noticed this problem and checked the disc. every disc for the last 2 batches have the same line on the write side, no noticeable scratches or even noticeable problems on the label side.


im embarrassed to even post a quality scan of these, its that bad


Never like to hear about bad Verbatim. Its unsettling.

You may want to switch to Taiyo Yuden 8x +R. I’m still using my stash from 2007-2008 when I want the best possible burn.


well its been awhile. dont burn much anymore. but can say i am happy with the results lately. have a few spindles of these. there is a cluster just after 3.5 but nothing like what i was getting from the +R’s


My burns to Verbatim 16x -R weren’t as pretty as the one you posted. I always preferred the +R, but the last two or three times I went to buy DVD’s, the -R were on sale for a better price in 100ct cakeboxes. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure any of us are burning much these days. I ran out of Verbatim recently, and have had to dip into my TY stash for the last four or five. Still doesn’t inspire me to buy more blank DVD’s. Will probably just get another storage hdd instead.


realized there wasnt a recent burn posted

just after 3.5 the PIE went crazy. if it werent for the cluster of PIE at the end lol


to the tune of outkast - we luv dez hoes

From the case to the bubble wrap
To the spindle, down to the disc
Ha ha ha ha! We luv to burn
Ha ha ha ha! We luv to burn


Those are super nice results. :iagree: I bet jitter would look amazing no matter what drive was used to scan.


I also use a HDD but it is temp storage & I usually play from it to my TV for the first view of a movie . Then I burn to a DVD for backup if what is on the HDD looks good. So still burning DVDs here.


While I don’t consider burning to be a hobby as do many of the guys in this forum, I’ve always used optical disks as my primary backup media going all the way back to the days of CD-R. Recordable optical disks always fascinated me and I simply trust them for long term storage. I’ve never felt magnetic storage, whether floppies, diskettes, or even HDs, were permanent because their contents are too easily deleted and corrupted. Ditto with flash and online solutions. When I have my important files and applications written to DVD and carefully stored, I can count on them being there when needed. My next step will be BDs.