Why use so many Copy programs

PGM, make sure and try “one pass vbr w/analysis”. If I was not planning on doing 3 or 4 passes, I would probably do “one pass vbr w/…” for sure. Plus it is much much faster. Anyway, glad you got it setup, because it is does a good job.

with ref. @ #13

I’ve dound this Big movie recoding quality test at http://dvd.box.sk/articles8.php

Anyone care to comment on it ??

Is InterVideo DVD Copy v. 1.2 such a great program as they seem to hint on ??

that comparison test is very old by now and has already been covered many times in this forum. all of the programs mentioned have had significant revisions, so any conclusion you can draw from the comparison is basically moot.

Ocay, I did the whole setup with DVD Rebuilder as described in…http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?threadid=74308

I’ve used CCE 2.6 and ECLCCE.

My aim is to backup a movie DVD (but not the extra material) in the highes possible quality to ONE DVD-5 type media (+R or +RW) !

The movie I want to do for now ! - is not CSS protected so I don’t need to fix it with DVD Decrypter, Right ?
I can go straight to DVD Shrink and use it to extract the main movie, Right ? - and let the output be a HD folder with VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders, Right ?
I’m not sure if i have chosen the right settings for the DVD Shrink with this purpose in mind:
I chose ‘Open Disc’ to get the DVD into the Shrink. Under ‘DVD structure’ the ‘Main Movie’ should be highlighted. In the right side panel under ‘VIDEO’ I chose ‘NO COMPRESSION’ in the drop down menu and I untick all the Audio and Subpicture I don’t want in the extract/output. I click the ‘Reauthor’ button and pull (mouse work) the ‘Title 1’ from ‘Main Movie’ in the right pannel to the left pannel under ‘DVD Structure’. I Click the ‘Backup’ button and define the path to the output in the ‘Target Device’ window. I also tick ‘Create VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders’. In the ‘Quality Settings’ window I untick ‘Compress video…’ Now I click OK ! - and it extracts.

Are there anything I should have done otherwise with regard to my aim ?

Next I find the path to the Shrink output with the DVD rebuilder program with the ‘Source path’ window. I define a ‘Working path’ and define/tick ‘audio’ and ‘subtitles’ to keep. I Select “One Click” under the “Options Menu”. I have also chose my CCE type in ‘Options’. I set it to 4 Passes and for “VBR Bias” & “Quality Prec”, I set the evalues to VBR Bias=25 & Quality Prec=16.

It is processing now ! - should I be in a state of dispair or blissful waiting ? :wink:


@nUUK25, it looks like you did everything right. How was the end result? One thing I do is I use IMGTool Classic to make the end result folders into an .iso image.(then burn with DVD Decrypter) Only takes approx 5 or 6 minutes to make the .iso. I’ve heard of people having problems with “nero burned” dvd’s. I just use IMGTool to make sure it is burned to as “standard” a layout as possible. But if you burn thru Nero you should be fine.

@[H]itman The result was fine but with the blue Craft factory ‘stamp’ in the lower right corner of the screen since I used the SP version. Better change to the ‘Basic’ soon !! Where do I get an appropriate 2.5 version from since it is faster as you say ??
It took 4½ hour to backup a movie which was 110 min. I suppose it is because I chose 4 passes ?? If I set it to 2 passes will that half the time ? :wink:

If you aren’t going to do 4 passes, then do “One Pass VBR w/Analysis”. Some say “One Pass VBR…” is like doing 4 scans. Doing it that way will only take about an hour and 20 minutes.(Depends on CPU) I use “One Pass VBR” for everything, unless it’s a movie that I want the absolute best backup of, but I don’t think there is that much difference. When you select “One Pass VBR”(under OPTIONS>CCE OPTIONS), then DVDRebuilder ignores whatever number you have set for number of passes under CCE’s advanced settings.

You could do another backup of the movie you just did, but this time do “One Pass VBR…”, and then compare the two.(Just so you can see how they compare) Not a big difference.(IMHO)

BTW, using the “SP” version isn’t what put that stamp down in the corner, it’s because you are using a trial version.

@[H]itman Yes, I think I will try ‘One Pass VBR w/Analysis’ but also get a version without stamp. I’ve hear that the ‘Basic’ is without stamp. Is the v. 2.5 which the talk was about a ‘Basic’ ??

as hitman explained, the logo is there because you were using a trial version; it has nothing to do with the fact that it’s not the basic version (although there’s no trial for basic anyway). if you buy a full version of either SP or basic, then the logo won’t be there. you’ll have to contact Cinema Craft to see what versions of their software they offer for sale, although there’s definitely no 2.5 version of basic.

Very interesting thread as I just have started using DVD Rebuilder with CCE 2.50 SP.

Still, I run into a problem when I am trying to do the re-encoding with better quality (i.e. more passes). I have so far only tried with 2 and 3 passes (although I understand from the above that 2 passes is worse than One Pass VBR w/Analysis).

Anyway, my problem is that the CCE encoding “hangs at 50%” when I use 3 passes (no error it just stops progressing further after a few hours). When I reduced to 2 passes it worked fine. Anyone know what settings I have gotten wrong or if there is something else that I have missed.

@Plutissimo, I don’t know what would cause that. You might check the doom9 forum–> http://forum.doom9.org/ Look under the DVDRebuilder section. You might go ahead and register (for the forum) too, because you have to be a member for more than a week before you can post.


Are you able to terminate the program using Task Manager, or is your computer locked up also?


Sorry I’m slow on getting back. Went out of town.

TigerZai, I can close it by just pressing the abort/cancel button in CCE. So my computer is running just fine and on the looks of it so does the CCE-program as well. It is not progressing further than 50% however. Pretty odd!

You could try looking at the scene where the process is stalling. If you still have the .mpv file CCE produced, then you can open the file in DVD2AVIdg to get the last frame encoded. If not, you’ll have to run the encode again and wait. Once CCE sticks, note down the frame number in the CCE window. You can then examine the video in the demuxed .m2v file using DVD2AVIdg and find the frame number you noted down to see what’s being encoded. It’s not a solution but sometimes CCE has difficulty encoding scenes that require a bit-rate outwith the limits set. Having said that, you’d normally get a cryptic CCE error to that effect. I’ve not personally seen this behaviour which is why I asked if your PC locked up also - may have been your PC’s stability at issue. You could also try another encoder to see if this eliminates the problem.



Where to DL DVD Rebuilder and is it freeware?

you can get dvd rebuilder from its official forum here (a download link is provided in one of the stickies) and dvd rebuilder itself is free, but you’ll have to pay for CCE if you want to use that as your encoder (there are other free encoders you can use as well).

how do you know if you have trial CCE sp 2.5 without having to burn a dvd to see if the logo is there?

wouldn’t you know whether you paid for it or not? :confused:

The same way that you change a lightbulb.

I must say ! I’m impressed with DVD Rebuilder and the CCE SP 2.5. Very high quality encoding also with; “One Pass VBR w/Analysis”.