Why use so many Copy programs

You know I was just wondering, Why some people use so many differant ways to copy movies on one machine. I personally Use DVDShrink + Nero / but when Nero starts w/ the calabration error’s I use DVDShrink + CloneDVD. Otherwise I have no reason to burn any other way.

My only guess are people here use them so they can provide information to other people that use them on a regular basis. shrugs so for those that do use more than one dvd copy combination, Whats the purpose?

Just cerious there may be something I’m missing and may be something I can bennifet from that I’m just not seeing.

I’m anxious to read some differant opinions.

My thinking is the least crap you have on your pc the less conflicting in programs you have. I use Clonedvd2 and anydvd mainly. If i have problems then i use Shrink+anydvd and Nero.

You learn, if you try. So, it is absolutely natural that those CDFreaks who love to burn they experiment to get experience with every available software.

  1. AnyDVD, CloneDVD (.iso) and Nero for burning (quality 100%).
  2. DVD Decrypter (.iso), DVD Shrink and Nero for burning (quality 85%-99%).
  3. DVD Decrypter (.iso), DVD2DVD-R 1.8.1 + CCE SP 2.67 and Nero for burning (quality <85%).

Very happy with the results in either combinations.

Weird. That’s almost exactly what I would have posted. Thanks for writing it out for me.

Has anyone any experinece with CloneDVD v. 3.0 from http://www.clonedvd.net (NOT the one from SlySoft) and the NEC ND-3500A DVD-burner ?


Why would you use DVD decrypter at all with DVD shrink. Shrink will decrypt, analyse, compress and if nero is intalled burn to a DVD with no user intervention.

enchanter1, sometimes dvdshrink can’t rip the movies properly and this is when dvd decrypter will kick in, not that it has happened for me but i’ve heard cases of this. Also i sometimes, actually a lot of times, i use dvd decrypter to rip the files to computer so i can then use vobblanker to remove unwanted contents and then of course…load it into dvd shrink…

no probs ;)!

If you don’t happen to have Nero or have problems with Nero then DVD Decrypter is really useful when used in combination with Shrink. Like Nero, the latest DVD Decrypter will allow you to automatically burn your DVD Shrink projects in ISO mode once it is finished. The appeal to this method is that it is a 100% free method to backing up your movies. I agree that I don’t see the point of running it through DVD Decrypter first as it just adds time to the process. I have backed up a large number of DVD Movies and every movie that has given me errors with DVD Shrink has also given me errors with DVD Decrypter.

Anyways, I use DVD Shrink/DVD Decrypter combo for my movies but for TV Series I use DVD Decrypter/CloneDVD combo.

DVD Decrypter , DVD2ONE, nERO.

Works all the time!!


I use DVD Shrink then when ready to burn I use Copy2DVD. Once in a while Shrink runs into problems with copy protection,(Spidermen2 disc2 extras) and I use DVDdecrypter then shrink. I have Nero but have never used it to burn or shrink with.
I also rip to vob files and burn the vob files, never seen any need to put them in iso files.
That’s the way I do it and it works great for me!

Now I’ve had some time to try the CloneDVD 3.0 from clonedvd.net (not Slysoft !) and my recommendation is; DON’T BUY IT !! I started ‘soft’ in terms of compression, backing up ‘Jurasic Park 3’ which is only 1½ hour on a DVD-5 type media (Verbatim 4x DVD+RW DataLifePlus) and I got pretty god pictures but with occational pixeling; That was on my United 5065 5.1 and with a few drop outs in the sound too. On my Pioneer DV-636D the same backup completely refused to playback !! Obviously I gave up on DVDClone 3.0 !! :frowning:

Then I tried the freeware; DVDDecrypter and DVDShrink and used the guide from http://forum.dvddecrypter.com
DVD Decrypter Support Forum > General > Guides > DVD-9 -> DVD±R
The result is stunning; excelent crisp and sharp pictures ! :bow: I’ve made several backups of movies (one nearly 2½ hour) down to one DVD-5 type (+R and +RW) and there are no signs of pixeling or sound dropouts. :wink: I did not change the book type setting to ‘DVD-ROM’ for the Verbatim DVD+RW and left it in default (‘DVD+RW’ I suppose !!).

Still ! - are there any software on the market (not only freeware) which performs even better in terms of sharpness and do you know about any comparative quality studies on software which is not just about usability ???

Thanks :slight_smile:

check out DVD Rebuilder with the CCE. Nothing is better than that

Thanks for all the tips !

nooby god, according to this; http://www.afterdawn.com/software/video_software/dvd_rippers/dvd-rebuilder.cfm

DVD Rebuilder v. 0.67 needs CCE SP, CCE Basic, ReJig or QuEnc in order to work !
Which one do you recommend ?

@nUUK25, CCE is considered the best encoder on earth. So CCE is by far the one you would want to use. Nooby God got me using this method, and now I always use the DVDRB+CCE method. The quality is excellent. The DVDRebuilder forum over at doom9.org has some great info. about this method.

Also, this is a great DVDRebuilder backup guide.

I have a couple of questions regarding this method since i recently started to use it:

  1. How many passes you do and how long it takes to complete ? i use CCE Sp 2.69…and what values do you put here
  2. is there any method to backup only the main movie? For instance with dvdshrink you have the option… Probably , letting out the extras of the dvd will achieve even better quality of the main movie …

That’s all… anyone else using this method is free to answer and give me some info.

  1. the amount of passes to use is really a matter of preference. using one-pass vbr typically does a great job and saves a lot of time, but many people prefer multiple passes. the general concensus is that four passes should be more than enough. as for the amount of time, it would depend on the number of passes you chose and how fast your system is. the settings are explained in this thread here.

  2. if you want to back up only the main movie with dvd rebuilder, you can use dvdshrink to extract the main movie without compression, then run the resulting output through dvd rebuilder.

@PGM, do everything the way AZImmortal said.

I use “One Pass VBR w/analysis” quite a bit. It does an excellent job. When I have the time, or if it’s something I really want to make sure and do a good job on I set it to 4 Passes.(in DVDRB) As for “VBR Bias” & “Quality Prec”, I am currently using:
VBR Bias=25 & Quality Prec=16. I started out with CCE 2.67, but Chickenman told me how much faster CCE 2.50 was with “One Pass w/vbr analysis”, so I have been using 2.50 ever since. I know quite a few others who use 2.50 also.

For copying the movie only, do like AZImmortal said and run the movie thru DVD Shrink first (with no compression).

BTW, if you are copying the entire disc, you can go under the menu option “mode”, and use the setting “Steal Space from Extras”. That will give you a little more space for your main movie.

Thanks guys for your answers… i used it for first time yesterday and to tell you the truth i was impressed with its quality. i made a backup of my original Gladiator movie. i used 2 passes and the quality of the movie was amazing. I will try also the 2.50 version to see any differences as you told me.
Dvdshrink has an option for extra quality (make sharper or something like this, i don;t remember the exact title)in the window that says make an "analysis before encoding " .Have you tried enabling it and how was the final result? Is it still dvdrebuilder the winner between these two?

Thanks once again for your answers…