Why use DVD-RW?

Is there any good reason to use DVD-RWs with Liteon recorders?

I use them to transfer videos from my 5055 to my PC so that I can edit them there. Then I erase the discs and use them again.


would it not have also worked with DVD+RWs ?

Lite-On mishandles both formats terribly in their home DVD recorders. It is just that DVD-RW is not mangled as badly. I think the finalization process is what helps it work somewhat better. But there is NO excuse for the VIDEO_RM stuff to be carried over to the DVD-RW side. It was ONLY for the DVD+ side, but they can’t seem to get it right. Perhaps that is one reason that people kept taking their products back (as I did) and one of the reasons why Lite-On has decided to exit the market alltogether.

Given how good their PC drive products have been, it is baffling how they were able to produce such buggy products in the home DVD Recorder market.

I really wanted to keep my DD-A100GX. I spent days and days and days working feverishly to get around the glitches and limitations, but in the end, it was just too poorly done for me to justify keeping it.

even with the long prep time DVD-RWs will not play on some of my DVD players.

If you can rip the DVD-RW’s to your hard drive and open them with DVD Shrink or Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5, you should be able to output to a new VIDEO_TS folder and burn that to a DVD-R or DVD+R (with bit setting to DVD-ROM) for better compatibility, I believe.

all well and good,but with all that, once again whay would I want to use DVD-RWs with my Liteon 5005???

Because you can format them over and over when recording shows to free up space after you have viewed them?

A DVD-R is write-once only.

I do that with my Verbatum DVD+RWs.


To me the advantage of the DVD-RW is that it is FINALIZED. That seems to help make it more compliant and compatible, and even if the signal is lost during recording, like when the VCR finishes playing the movie, auto-rewinds and shuts down, the fact that it can be finalized seems to help. With DVD+RW, which cannot be finalized, it never seemed to recover from such a signal loss. Plus, that whole VIDEO_RM thing is just sort of annoying in terms of compatibility, at least for me. It made it hard to import the stuff into DVD Shrink and Ulead Video Studio 5. I have better luck with the finalized DVD-RW.

But if DVD+RW works for you - more power to you. :slight_smile:

I think you’re referring to the _VR format.

In any case, like CCRomero, I use +RWs and they play in all my DVD players and computers (except for an old Pioneer 563A that won’t play the _VR format).

I tried to use -RWs way back when I first bought the 5005 and the two of them didn’t get along. The 5005 apparently didn’t like the taste and then the computer would laugh when I tried to play or rip the resulting recordings…


Nice avatar by the way. He was always my fave.

The only reason I can think of is compatibility with very old DVD players.

The Finalizing thing is helpful too.

It just turned out with my DD-A100GX that DVD-RW was simply more reliable and compatible with the drives and apps I use. But with everything I wanted to put on a different player, I went into DVD Shrink or Ulead DMF and clipped the commercials, etc. and created a new output disk anyway, so I guess I was not that concerned with the actual DVD-RW playing in other players.

If someone is happy with DVD+RW or DVD-RAM for that matter, more power to 'em.

Sadly, it will be moot for new customers anyway, since Lite-On is dumping their DVD Recorder business.