Why Use AnyDVD?

Ok peeps. I have been backing up DVD for a little over a year now. My method is DVD Decrypter, DVD2One, and Nero to burn. This is the way i learned but i know there is always room for improvement. I read alot of peeps always saying why are people running it through DVDDcrpt. it takes more time. I recently got a copy of CloneDVD and it said it couldnt decrypt the DVD. Reading some threads here it seems AnyDVD works at decrypting with a combination program of your choice.

Basickly my question is would using say AnyDVD + CDVD2 help me get better back-ups. I read that CDVD2 is a better than DVD2one when it comes to qulaity, and that AnyDVD will save me time since it decrypts in the background?



Reasons to use AnyDVD/CloneDVD2:

  1. Most simple, reliable.
  2. Unique functions (for instance making your burner region free,etc.)
  3. Time- and energy saving (i.e. you can leave your PC and the copy is done without clicking here and there).
  4. Convenient (i.e. you actually use only one software as AnyDVD works in the background, you choose, you click and the movie is done).
  5. Excellent quality.

How much time do you spend making a backup of a 1 hour 30 mins movie with your method? (Knowing the software you use I know the answer, it was just an academic question). With AnyDVD/CloneDVD2 you can make a backup within 20-25 mins from point zero to a complete burn.

man all i can say is why the f@ck didnt i do this from the beggining?!?!?!

I just made a back up of 13 Ghost it took 15mins to transcode and 17 to burn…

Gonna go this method from now on for sure!!!


Since I started using AnyDVD/CloneDVD, I have never used XCopy or DVD Decryter again. I have never had a single problem. It’s like Ron Popeil says, “set it and forget it”, especially if you have a DVD drive and burner. It even gets rid of the XCopy screen if you back up an XCopy back up. Best $40 I ever spent.

CloneDVD has a very fast transcoding engine. it used to take me between 28- 40 min to rip and burn a movie using CloneDVD and AnyDVD with a toshiba 1612 as a reader. I switched to an aopen 1648/AAP and now I average about 14 min to rip and burn a movie.

i respectfully disagree colone dvd and dvd shrink take an avg of 38 mins to rip,i’m talking a full dvd 7to9 gbs, that same movie on nero record dvd 2 one and dvd x copy take 23-25 mins now burning on 4x takes 15 mins and on 8x takes 9 mins using xp2000 512 ddr ram etc. now if you have a super computer and a burner thats diff i would like to know

Just to make the picture clear: you are talking about Elby’s CloneDVD2 (www.elby.ch or www.slysoft.com)?

If your answer is affirmative, then it must’ve been a 5 hour movie.

that is correct Elby’s CloneDVD2 and all ripping on that prog takes about 33 min while the same movie takes 22min on the other programs i mention, by the way i’m talking about full disc back up everything all audio, so like i said before let me know how you do it or run this by elby for his opinion

If I rip and burn with my liteon combo 5232K and NEC ND3500A, using AnyDVD/CloneDVD2, a 2+ hr. video takes approx. 35-45 min. total. However, if I only use the ND-3500A to rip & burn with one of the riplock disabled firmwares I can do it in 20-25 min. total. Burning addition copies takes approx. 10 min. a piece afterwards. This beats anything else I have tried, by a long shot, whether XCopy Plat, DVD Decrypter or what.

P4 3.0mhz
513 ram
160 gig HD
fw LDv1 :cool:

Used burner: Toshiba SD-R5272 External, USB 2.0 (Max. 8x)
Used software: AnyDVD and CloneDVD2.

Process of backing up takes approximately 20-25 minutes from point “0” to the final result. That is 1 backup in case of an average size movie is done in 20-25 minutes (and it is not the best time :wink: ).