Why they took down 716A v1.05 so quickly?


It’s back to 1.04 today (3/29/05) and I’m sure they had 1.05 up for the 716A a few days ago because that firmware is still sitting on my hard drive.

What’s wrong with 1.05 that caused Plextor to take it down so quickly after release?!

And what’s new in the 1.04 mark II firmware they now have linked?


I still see the v1.05 posted at http://www.plextor.com/english/support/downloads/firm_716.htm

Am I missing something?

I do not know if there is anything wrong with v1.05 but it is still on Plextor web site for download

I still see 1.05 fw on USA site.


Version 1.05

Windows Upgrade Download (File Size: 700KB)
Mac OSX UpgradeDownload (File Size: 455KB)
Mac OS9 UpgradeDownload (File Size: 843KB)

  Date posted: March 28, 2005
* Improved the performance and write strategies of AutoStrategy with both DVD-R and DVD +R media.
* Improved the writing performance and quality on DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL.
* Improved the disc mounting performance with DVD-R DL media.
* Improved the performance of PoweRec so that the user may not override any media write strategy setting assigned by PoweRec.
* Fixed a bug where a DVD+R disc which may have additional date added, is recognized as a DVD-ROM and will not be able to write to it.
  Added support for new DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL media.
* Added support to write at 6X on some DVD media if supported by PoweRec.
  Click here for previous firmware upgrades.

okay, very strange. For hours, I had 1.04 showing on their site (yep, did the usual with refresh, close browser, empty cache, use another browser,etc.), and the download was definitely named 1.04II…

Oh, well. Guess they were double-checking something on their end that needed them to take the 1.05 down for a little while before they were sure. The download now is 100% identical to the one I grabbed earlier, so no changes.

Back to updating with 1.05 then!

I too was showing firmware 1.04 until I clicked refresh on the browser.

I just checked,…and 1.05 it is!!

At Plextor’s Asia&Ocenia site is at the moment still the 1.04u!

could be a transparent cache serving you old pages

europe was the first to come up with 1.05, then came US. I dont know why A&O takes so long to update.

Yeah, that’s a good question!
It’s about 2 weeks since 1.05 came out.

I was right! There was something wrong with the 1.05 FW, which Plextor pullled temporarily a few days ago when I noted that earlier in this thread.

they’ve now got the new 1.06 FW up! Please update ASAP! as 1.05 has problems!


Date posted: April 1, 2005

Fixed a bug introduced in 1.05 firmware which could result in a write error while burning on some brands of DVD+/-RW media.

Fixed a bug introduced in 1.05 firmware in which a user could not disable PoweRec and select any specific write speed in Roxio Creator applications.