Why the Long Burn Times?

This is just my second burn to DVD and its taking forever to burn. Here’s the facts. Liteon 1633s Firmware Upgraded, Xp 1.8, 512Rambus. Last night I wanted to burn 3.7 gigs of software files from my firewire drive to a dvd for archive purpose. Opened Nero (Latest version), Clicked on data/Make Data DVD, then moved the files to the position to be burned. Changed the name of the DVD to whatever… just above that it said ISO1_DVD. Burned the DVD on Tayo S.T. 8x DVD-R. It took just over 9 hours. IS that normal or am I not clicking on the right configurations? The folders I burned had .rar .zips .txt .iso .exe in them. Nero showed the average burn speed at around 5.7x during the burn. If I want to burn my mp3 collection as files will it take this long to burn 3.7gigs?

Remove the primary and secondary IDE channels from device manager and reboot. Go back to primary and secondary IDE channels and set devices 0 and 1 to use DMA. Reboot and confirm all devices are running in DMA mode.

The burn process should not take that long, make sure you have the latest drivers for the external hard drive as well as the IDE-controllers for the motherboard and also check for the latest nero update verison 6608 package 1 from the following link: