Why the false adv. on sony 4x dvd-rw?

I went to Staples site and saw this


It’s advertised at 4X, so I went tthere and bought it. I came home and popped it in and checked the info and it says 1x. I look at the box, and it saids 2002, and I don’t think they had 4x for rw back then. But anyway, so I returned it and looked for other packages with a recent date on it but they were all the same.
And now I’m looking at Best Buy’s site for the same product and its rated at 4x. what the hell, why are they lying?


Sony might just be lazy about changing the date on the packaging. It’s possible your drive doesn’t have the firmware support to burn the discs at 4x.

I don’t see any reports on 4x Sony DVD-RW media on videohelp.com either.