Why the color loss?


I have been trying all week to convert non copy protected VHS tapes to DVD through my JVC DVD Recorder and there is a substantial color loss from what the VCR is playing to what the DVD Recorder records. Anyone have any clue on how to improve this, because the DVDs look very washed out and ultimately look worse on the DVDs than they do the VHS tapes.

Any help is appreciated.

it looks like forum members have already tried to help you in the previous thread you made about this issue. if you were looking for further advice you should have bumped that thread since double posting isn’t allowed (due to its rather annoying nature)

it seems like you’ve stumped some of the more knowledgeable forum members. did you try the suggestions they gave in the previous thread pertaining to settings?

maybe you should call JVC and see what they have to say about it…could be a defective unit.