Why The Bad Burns?

I have had my NEC 3540 for 6 months and i have seemingly had no problems with the burns it has made (occassionally i have had the odd coaster due to problems with spots on the disk) but if the Pif and Pi are fine it has played fine.

Yesterday though after a good Pif and Pi scan i did a benchmark scan and was shocked. As it was atrocious. Now every benchmark scan i do is attorocious.


I have my NEC attached through a USB 2 cable and always burn at 8x. I use the best verbatim MCC03 +R DVD’s. So why this awful benchmark. And should i be worried. (i am not entirely sure what the benchmark shows).


You have a burst rate of only 14 MB/s which is enough for only about 10-11x reading/burning.

Perhaps your external exclosure or your USB port doesn’t support any higher speed than that.

When your Read Transfer graph reaches the maximum burst rate, the system is unable to push more data through so you get an ugly graph. Maybe the graph would have been nice and smooth with an internal drive and maybe it wouldn’t have been. It is impossible to tell due to the low maximum burst rate.

At least the drive doesn’t slow down to 8x reading at the end.

You could try performing the Read Transfer benchmark at 12x instead of 16x. This can be changed in Nero CD-DVD Speed options.