Why Such poor results with my SH-S182D?

What am I doing wrong here. Bad media maybe? I am using Sony TY MIJ. Bad drive maybe? These burns are horrible! Even worse when scanned with my Benq DW-1655. The scan is of two different disks from the same spindle. Burnt using 1click DVD copy Pro.

Burnt at what speed(s)?
Maybe you could scan with KProbe too.

Also, the 182 is a fairly new drive and Nero CD DVD Speed latest is 4.51.3.

1clicks burn log shows 20X as the requested burn speed, but the average was around 10X. The DVD’s seem to play Ok in the player I tried them with while running them at 32x fast forward. I tried a Nero transfer test with two of my Benq DW1655 drives and the Lite on 165H6S drive. Both failed at the big spike on burn two. Funny thing is that my LG GSA-4166A had no problem with it.

Sure looks nothing like the burn posted by Jan70 here:http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=184536

Ref. note by chef, try with the latest CD-DVD Speed 4.51.3. Can you export your material as ISO and then burn it with CD-DVD Speed, so we can see the burn graph?

Hi, new here and just bought the S182D drive.

I’m getting loads of PI failures towards the middle of the disc. It’s my first dvd burner so don’t have another one to compare it to. But the 0 quality disc was pretty much unplayable (lots of skipping) in a standalone player, and the other one was ok.

First one is MC004 disc burned at 16x with CD-DVD Speed and second one is same image burned with Nero Burning ROM at 18x. Both with the newest firmware.

Lower the speed from Maximum to 4x.

I dropped my burn speed to 8x and I get great looking burns now.


Tried that and the results were pretty much the same (quality score of 0).

Lowering the burn speed to 8x worked for me too. But I was expecting good results burning at 16x on quality 16x disc tbh :slight_smile:

And since others are posting good results @16x in the S182D results thread I figured there must be something wrong?

can anyone manage to overspeed yudent02s to 16x? this is really bothering me - i have quite a few of these high quality discs and really do need to burn them at 16X as they give immaculate burns.


The 182D is able to make really good burns on MCC004 @16x. But you should decrease the speed to 4x when doing a Q-Scan with the Samsung. This will give you more reliable results.

I did the scans at 4x after posting the earlier results here, and it came out pretty much the same. Lots of pi failures and a quality score of 0.

Can only get good results at 8x with the MCC004 discs. Dont have any other brand available unfortunately.

Maybe you got a bad batch of MCC004 media.

What’s with the ‘22 May 2005’ all about on those scans? Your computer’s date is either wrong or you’ve been scanning old discs. :doh:

It’s just the date the iso image was made