Why still no Dual Layer -r available?

I was worndering why dual layer media are available only in +r format (afaik)
i also noticed many DL burners haven’t -r DL features.
Just curious if we have to expect them on the market later this year ot not. Any rumours?


Verbatim finished testing and released their dvddl-r… So they should be coming to the market very soon… I heard Japan already has some… check cdrlabs.com… they burned a couple of these discs with the plextor 716 and pioneer 109

thanks a lot

As mentioned above, if you look at the burners that are just coming out they are pretty much all supporting D/L DVD-R. This article might put your mind at ease:


Nothing like Bitsetting specified I guess? Then I don’t see any use for DVD-R DL as most standalones and a lot of DVD-ROMs will not read those discs.

No DVD-R DL standard doesn’t specify bitsetting it was not needed according to the folks. the DVD-R code would do.
While it works on most standalones it means trouble for most DVD-ROM’S DVD-writers.
So far the results indicate that it’s not that interesting except if it will lower +R dual layer disc’s which I don’t expect seeing so far that only MCC seems to pull of to put both disc’s of decent quality on the market.


When the dust settles and if all is equal (compatibility wise). Which do you think the mainstream computer user will chose? DVD-R DL, with mindless burn and play…or DVD+R DL, with toggle bit, burn and play?

The average person doesn’t know what a USB port is, let alone bitsetting DVD media. (average person = big sales = more manufacturers = more competition = lower pricing).

Time will be the judge. But we definitely need a competition jolt to help lower media prices.