Why Sony has decided to play it smart with the PS4...explained

Well Sony has made it very clear…that there will be no used DRM like in the XBOX One.
I am not that surprised…
So why didn’t Sony ploy to follow in Microsoft’s footsteps…why didn’t Sony even consider it…
I am gonna explain why Sony didn’t copy Microsofts DRM…
Sonys PS3 firmware after 3.60 has remained unhackable…Sony feels that they have the
hackers right where they want them…stumped. Sony will likely use the same
unhackable software architecture thats in the PS3, and put it in the PS4.
Sony obviously has alot of resources when it comes to technology, they are more
inteligent then Microsoft from that aspect. They developed Sony Arccos, root kit,
just to name a few.

By the way even though, the PS4
will not have a online DRM…you will be required to update your console once in a while
to play the
new games/new BD movies. So it isnt exactly 100% offline…I believe the PS4 will no longer
allow the use of a flash drives to install firmware updates…since
it gives hackers a backdoor…
you will only be able to update online only.

Microsoft on the other hand
the XBOX 360…has been hacked countless times…
and even though it requires opening the hardware to flash the DVD drive…people will do it.
This is why Microsoft has decided to place
this DRM…to have full control of the console before the hacks surface online. Kinda like
an antivirus for piracy…which benefits the console makers not you. I guess Microsoft
isn’t capable of coming up with technology that makes there hardware mod-proof. So they
need to periodically combat it.