Why some ripped DVDs show interlacing?

I was ripping my Seinfeld DVD collection for safe keeping. However upon watching the DVDs, I found that some of were interlaced while some were not. I ripped with AnyDVD and CloneDVD.

I’m just wondering, does anyone know why some came out fine, but some didn’t? Also, can anyone recommend a method that will rip with no interlacing? Thanks!

I’m not on the forum much anymore… I think the reason you have not received an answer, is because your question doesn’t make too much sense.

CloneDVD will copy a DVD to DVD, ISO, or DVD files(for your HD). When it does it’s process, it does not do anything with interlacing.

If you are copying a DVD to DVD and you are seeing a problem, you are likely copying a DVD9 to DVD5. CloneDVD then has to compress the movie. If you try to copy everything DVD to DVD, then the quality can become horrible if you do not watch your quality meter.

For the best results burn to DVD9.
Next best, cut any extra audio tracks, commentary, subtitles, and extras.

“Ripping” would be a term more used with taking a movie/show off a DVD and converting to a format like AVI. CloneDVD would be used for making “backups” of DVDs.

CloneDVD Mobile is a product that would Rip and have deinterlacing…

You could take your question to the CloneDVD section of the forums.

It also occurred to me that there is another product out there using the name of CloneDVD from clonedvd.net. You should specify if this is the product your are using. So, disregard my reply if you are using this.