Why So Slow: My Old CDR?

I’m new to burning and Nero, TIA. Config:

Primary IDE: hdd (DMA)
Second IDE: lite-on 4824s (DMA) master, Acer 24x 624A (Mode 4) slave

A) 650 Mb data burn from hdd: 00:02:40”

  • seems decent

B) 650 Mb data read, CDR to hdd (compile CD): 00:11:00”

  • Nero data CD transfer test rate between 5x and 15x

C) on-the-fly music CD copy: 00:14:00”

  • music rate test 5.5x average, DAE quality 0, with errors

D) 700 Mb AVI to VCD from hdd: ~00:35:00” = 12% done

  • Nero says P2 CPUs don’t handle convert + burn well?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Don’t use Nero to convert images which uses a lot of different codecs , get other products to make decent MPEG conversions , like TMPGEnc