Why so many updates?

I use anydvd and 1click dvd pro for my backups … and have almost never had a problem.
However, I noticed that in the past month, anydvd has had to be upgraded 4 times in order to keep up with the latest releases.
1click, which uses the free DVD43 with its own CPRx (?) technology seems to be chugging along.
Question is … am I missing something?
Is there a techie out there that can elaborate on what’s happening?

Didnt you in part answer your own question, that is, the updates are made to keep up with new protection on releases.
Also, one of the updates was to make anydvd compliant with Vista, at least as i understand it.

I am in agreement with that also updates help with software compatiblity and bypass protection to make backup of your collections.

I was just looking at the change log for anydvd…Can anyone find a whole 30 days where ANYDVD wasnt updated…I couldnt

Probably because there are new movies coming out every week with new/different ‘bad authoring techniques’ on them :slight_smile:

but these guys at Slysoft are keeping up with the game :clap:

As Martha would say “That’s a good thing.” Since Movie DVDs are released at different times around the world and with many countries and/or regions using different protection schemes, very frequent updates are needed to provide service to all their worldwide coustomers. Just MNSHO…

Very true – I remember when Silent Hill came out in the US it was loaded with the usual ‘bad sectors’ etc but when it eventually came out in the UK & I got round to getting it There was next to no extra protection on the disc (which I found a bit odd) :confused:

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Where we stay now maybe about -10 C when it gets bad. We used to stay just outside Aberdeen & must have been about 13 years ago was a real bad winter - It was down at about -22 C in the middle of the day :eek: - My car would not run as the diesel was freezing :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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They update the program to keep it working :slight_smile: Programs like DVD Decrypter are no longer updated and have problems making back ups of new DVD’s. So updating is a good thing.

It gets down to -30F (-34C) here in the upper northern regions of the USA where I am
Ill stop cause i dont want to steal this thread, although i do think his question has been answered.

Funny thing is that just a couple of weeks ago I was thinking I need to post asking why there were not updates for anydvd now they come every day or two. both are fine with me since the program always works for me.

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I would to

i must also be one of the lucky ones staying here, but the grass is always greener on the other side, my mate stays in auckland now & says he doesn’t want to some back to scotland to live


I have always felt that AnyDVD was one of my best program buys - and have enjoyed 2 1/2 years of many updates and 100’s of successful backup copies (may be up close to the 1000 mark by now) - that is a lot of bang for the buck-

Thank you SlySoft-eh!