Why so many inner rings?



lots of inner rings all over dvdr burned on pioneer 109 why ?? :bow:


I’ve noticed some of my el cheapo DVD media (4X) produces lots of rings even at 2X because the Pioneer is adjusting the laser power level to compensate and improve burn quality…

While its not a scientific way of determining media quality, its been my observation that media that produces lots of rings usually ends up being hard to read / prone to reading errors… AN31, DKMZ Princo and some SKC have for me created lots of ‘rings’…

Either that or it means your pioneer will die in 7 days unless you insert the disc with the ring into another persons pioneer drive :slight_smile:


Nah any brand will do, Let’s kill the few PX716 that are not DOA…


An easy explanation would be that the OPC always kicks in because of the crap media you are using.


Hi, I used to have coloured rings on Fuji 03’s until I changed from the 109 1.17 to the A09 1.17 now after inspecting the last 3 burns there are no signs of “ringing”. I am using the quiet tool. Whether that improves the burn on this Media I am not sure, (assuming 109 and A09 are using the same strategies then it must be) but it is definitely a better burn than before the change.




I guess that answer it, now let’s rip this big DVD



The rings of SATURN.