Why so long?



I have Nero 6 v6.3.0.2. I have no problems with this program except that when I double-click on the desktop icon, to invoke the program, it takes 20 seconds for the Smartstart screen to appear. This started a couple of versions ago. The program runs great after this - it does everything it says it will do. What's up with the delay?


Maybe low system resources or a fragmented drive? No version took more than 3-4 sec on my end.


No, definitively not

This is not a matter of fragmentation. I have the same problem with Nero 6.3 but none in this forum had the same experience and I contacted Nero techsupport and despite they have a nice automated answer they do not reply to anyone.

The problem is due to the fact that the task has some problem or conflict with Windows task manager. If you close it you will see it as active in task manager. A second instance of it (I mean if you open Nero start smart again) will probably hang nero and your windows. This happened with Windows 2000, XP and now with a server Corporate version of 2003 that I am running at home working as a workstation as it seems to be faster than XP

I don’t know what causes that failure. Is very random.

My specs

MSI mainboard E-6712
768 mb ddr 333 mhz
Athlon 1.8 plus
Windows XP or Windows 2003 or Windows 2000 (all of them failed with Nero 6.3)


Thanks Pala for the feedback.

If I happen to get an answer I will post it.


Hello Pala,

The new version of Nero ( has solved my problem.

how bout you?



I gotta get it. I’m just downloading it from nero site. Thank you
In case it works I let u know.



Oh my God

Still slow. When I open Nero Start Smart lines show up very slowly. After that task stays alive in task manager and it hungs the computer. The only version that does not hung my computer is 6.00.00

thank u


My advice is to shut off Smart Start and do not let it run at startup either. It’s causing problems for many people. Just put a Nero shortcut on your desktop. Also be aware that if you start Nero right after inserting a disc in your drive, it will wait till the disc is mounted before opening.


Right-click on ‘My Computer’ en click ‘Manage’
Then choose ‘Services and Applications’ then ‘Services’
Right-click ‘IMAPI CD Burning Com Service’ and put it on ‘Disable’
Reboot your machine, should be a lot faster now.


Thank you Papa1245 and rdigrimes

There is a substantial change in version 6.30.3 in relation with previous versions.

Nero start smart is still messy so if I launch it my computer still hangs. Nothing has changed with Nero Start Smart.

Regarding IMAPI Service it was disabled since the very begining when I set this Windows 2003 server as a workstation. Otherwise Nero was too heavy (Thank you Papa1245)

Nevertheless I have followed the advice from rdgrimes and now recording starting directly from Nero Burning rom or Nero express are recorded without errors. The previous versions did a random error and some audio tracks in audio cds were recorded fine and some others with failure.

I hope that Nero six is not becoming so complex. I don’t know guys if you are checking your resources while nero is recording. In my case I have 768 mb and Nero leaves only between 200 and 360 mb while a recording is in progress.

Thank you friends for your help