Why slow rip with asus E616a?

I just installed an Asus E616a reader and can’t get it to rip any faster
than 3X. Firmware version is 1.08. Device driver is generic windows driver
dated 2001.

Rip what?

You have to provide more info first!

It would appear that DMA is not enabled or you’ve got the DVD-ROM on the same IDE channel as your HD.

Rip what: dvd movie backup
I have 2 HD’s on same ide channel. 1 DVD-ROM and 1 DVD-RW on the other.
In device mgr, i found one drive in pio only mode, but I don’t know if this
is the same drive(DVD-ROM) that’s been troublesome. I changed it to DMA
if available, but I’ve heard that the best way to change it is to uninstall and
re-boot and let the computer reinstall???

Thanks for the heads up on dma mode!! Don’t know how the thing got into pio
only mode, but the change i made in device mgr stayed put through reboot, and
now the drive rips like it is supposed to!!

Clarifcation: You can uninstall the driver for the IDE channel the affected drive is on
and reboot and let Windows reinstall the driver for you. Also found out the probable cause for going back into PIO mode. Crappy scratched discs!! Every time you get
a cyclic redundancy error you count down to going to PIO. Six times moves you down
the tree from UDMA5 to 4, six more, to 3, and so forth. I’ve been getting lots of those lately by backing up damaged discs. Don’t know if I got it all right, but I’ll
be keeping closer watch on things from now on!

If it happens often, replace the ide cable.