Why slow read rate for Pioneer DVR-106D?

I have a Pioneer DVR-106D with 1.08 firmware. Before, when ripping dvd’s, it would take maximum 40 minutes, now it’s taking hours with dvd decrypter. I can’t be too sure, but read rate was between 3.0-4.0x, now it doesn’t go over 1.5. What is wrong?

Dma!! :rolleyes:

nope i’ve gone to the ide controllers in device manager, and dma is activated. it doens’t reset to PIO when the computer is restarted either. Could it be something else?

Post the result of the Nero CD-DVD Speed burst transfer test, you need a disk with some data in the drive to run the test. It should display more than 20 MB/sec.

That doesn’t mean much, it can be still deactivated…

thx for everyone’s concern, but i’ve figured out my problem. it was the secondary harddrive i was saving everything on. now when i rip and burn dvd’s to/from the primary harddrive all speeds are back to normal.

but has anyone ever heard of that problem before? i can still save media to the secondary, but playback is choppy, burning from it takes 1hr 20min with 8x (pioneer 110d). i started to use the primary harddrive and burn time is 15 minutes, and i cut and paste the same media files and playback is fine.

i also deleted the partition on the secondary and reformated it, but it did not improve anything.

i guess my question is: is there any way to save the secondary harddrive? or is it time for a new one?

any feedback would be much appreciated. thx again.