Why slow enc.& slow burning

well i have a benqDW1655 dvdrw burner,only 2 months old. now about a few days ago while using nero recoed when it usually takes about 9 or 10 min. to recode a non-copyrighted dvd then a few more min. to burn it using 16x burner and 16x media. now its taking 26-30 min. just to encode the dvd and longer to burn it too than before. its not just a certain dvd its any one that i’ve made copy’s of before for family.and friends. now its not nero i don’t think cause i tried dvd shrink and the same problem occurs their too , i tried it to see if its the burner or the program and i think its the burner, its making copies but its taking more than double the time, that i don’t have right now, i don’t know what to do,. someone said to chech dma or pio, its set on dma if available, check and uncheck certain thing that might slow it down, already done, what else can i do please help me, its appreciated, greatly.1 other thing, i also have the same model burner but for external use on a laptop that i have and before the internal one would always finish a movie before the external one but now its the other way around!

thanks for the help i hope it works!!!1

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thanks for the help i hope it works!!!1

Have you recently changed your brand of 16x media? It may be a different dye type, which your burner’s firmware is limiting burning to a slower speed.

[B]“someone said to chech dma or pio, its set on dma if available,”[/B]

But what does it say beneath that. It should say in Current Transfer mode - Ultra DMA mode 2 or UDMA2.

Also don’t expect to get a reply instantly. Sometimes you might have to wait 24hrs or more for the right people to come along with an answer.

Check your external drive with the computer you have the “slow” internal drive in.
If it turns also slower than with the notebook, you may have a system problem.
If it performs the same way as with the notebook, its your drive and you have to check all the definitions, starting with the one related to DMA.
This if you din’t do it yet.

now its taking 26-30 min. just to encode the dvd

Oh oh… In case you mean transcoding - this is not a job for a rush.

I’ll go with chef it can take upto 3 hours for mine to re-encode a video file for DVD. 26-30 mins, I dread to think of the quality.