Why should I "upgrade" 812s -> 832s?!


I flashed my Sony u18a to Liteon 812s (DR8US0Q) and it works fine.
What is the benefit for me if I flash to 832s - I do not want to burn Dual-Layer DVDRs… :confused:

Thanks for the info!


OK, I am no “expert”, but am a user of an 812S burner.
Yes, I quite fancy the ability to burn dual layer discs as and when they become affordable (hopes…pls) - it feels like I am maximising the possibilities that my burner affords me. So if you don’t want to burn dual layer, that might be it!
But I use CG3B firmware from the codeguys site. This has improved +R burns, and exploring the relevant thread would show you that even better burns are possible from the basic 812S burner than stock firmware. Any improvement in quality is beneficial in terms of archiving data, backing up movies and games etc.
So for me, it is a no-brainer. Better burns means I get more from my investment in hardware, at no additional cost or hassle.
But, as the maxim goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! If you are happy, leave it be! But if dual layer suddenly get cheap…go CG3B and don’t buy another burner!
Purely IMHO.

Not benefit with flash to 832S…, you quiet with 812S. :slight_smile:

@812s & Media

What kind of media do you recommend? TDK, Verbatim? 4x, 8x?

DVD+R 4X manufactured by RICOH or Taiyo Yuden…, both burn nice at 8X.
Also MCC and Prodisc are good choice.

Depends what you can find! My best burns on Mitsubishi MCC002 and Prodisc02, best I can find at affordable price.

hey guys, i flashed my DW-U18A to SOHC-812S (DR8US0Q)
then i decided i wanted dual-layer (and extra support for media)
so i flashed the 812S to 832S using:
“• VS0B - patched - crossflashing (for 451S, 851S, 812S, etc.)”
since the CG3B didnt have the option of cross-flashing in omnipatcher. and it patched fine.

so should i have patched using the CG3B? did i lose anything from using that patch? should i double-click on the:
• CG3B - patched - improved +R burn quality for 451S, 851S, 812S, 832S
file? i thought it needed omnipatcher, didnt know it was an exe. so what happens now? can i still double-click on the CG3B even though i just installed the VS0B corssflashing patch? or will it damage the drive?

i havnt tried burning at 8x now with the 832S firmware…has anyone actually done it?

k, i already got the answer to the above question :slight_smile:
no probz

CG3B is the way to go, even if your not interested in upgrading to 832S…

Is it possible to flash the 812s with the “official” Liteon 832s-Firmware, e.g. DR8VS0E.zip (http://www.liteonit.com/ODD/English/e_downloads/e_firmware_dvd%20rw.asp?Flag=1&Item=DR8VS0E&Model=SHOW-832S) ?!

way to go! i have the VS0B firmware, going to the new VS0E witht he 832S!.
by the way, i heard flashing the dvd-r and improving speed to like 8x reduces the life of the burner?

cuz i had a Sony dru-18a 4x to start of with… then flashed to Lite-On 812S
then to Lite-On 832S. and now with the lastest firmware