Why Should I get the PRO Version?

I did a search and didn’t find this addressed. I’ve used 1CLICK for over a year now (with first DVD43 and more recently ANYDVD) and have no issues/problems at all. I see the PRO version is out and I can upgrade for about $40. Is there a complelling reason for me to do this? Again, I have no issues with my current setup, so what would I gain for my $40?

If you have the regular version(which I rate as the best out there), and ANYDVD you have all you need for making back-ups. If you are considering a second program that gives you more control over manipulating files and such, I recommend AnyDVD’s partener CloneDVD2 instead of 1Click Pro.

I have both One click dvd copy Pro and clone dvd 2 along with anydvd. I am partial to both, Each one has its own problems however. One click pro cannot split a dvd 9 into 2 dvd 5’s, however it does let you compress each title as much as you want and take out some of the anoyances like advertisements. It makes great quality copies just like the the regular one click.
Clone dvd allows you to split 1 dvd 9 into 2 dvd 5’s but its quality is a little shaky sometimes especially on animated movies, you tend to get really rough lines sometimes. However clone dvd 2 sucks with multi angled movies ((((So be Forewarned))). This is the reason i actually went to I click Pro in the first place. For me Having both One click pro and clone dvd 2 is perfect. But dont take my word for it. Both have a trial version. Go and download each and see if you like them.

The ability to use different presets and more options, if all you want to do is backup a movie, you don’t have to buy anything else, you have it already.

Thank you for stating the cons on Clone DVD2 when splitting DVD9 to two DVD5 esp animation becos there’re so much good reviews, the past one month, I’m figuring bbetween 1Click and this. I’m all for quality but want Shrink is out for me. Would anyone who has experimented with quality comparision pls tell me if 1Click is the best in quality copy and relaiablity when comes to split? BTW has anyone tried AoA DVD copy?