Why should I buy the ND-3500 over the Pioneer DVR-108?



Hey guys!

Well, the title tells you all I want to know! Why should I buy the ND-3500 over the Pioneer DVR-108. Well ok the Nec is cheaper but I don’t care about that I want facts that actually matter!!! Like quality of the burned DVDs, speed is not that important (I don’t care about waiting a few seconds longer :stuck_out_tongue: )

So there you go and try to convince me of the NEC because now I am tending to the Pioneer. Want to buy one some time next week but still can’t decide!


ps I care about compability of the DVDs to stand alone players!!!


The NEC 3500 supports bitsetting on single layer discs while the Pioneer 108 does not.

If this feature is not important for you, I would prefer the Pio 108.


The real question here is: Why do you start another thread about this although there are a hundred similar threads already, including your own?


Because Herrie may come back and upgrade the drive with another super firmware…