Why Retailers Not Honoring Their Own WEB Prices?

Have you notice the retailer stores almost all are not honoring or PMed their own advertised prices @ their WEB sites (SEARS, BB, CC, and Fry’s CompUSA and…). Why they are practicing two structure price policies?

It all depends on the company policy and the particular local store. The cost to maintain and sell products in physical storefronts is different than the cost to maintain in a warehouse and ship, and some companies keep those operations separate (like Fry’s and Outpost), so the pricing is different.

In addition, the pricing is driven by the specific market, and the web sites are designed to compete with other internet retailers not brick & mortar stores, so that’s another reason for different pricing.

It’s kind of funny that you mention this. Futureshop in Canada ( Which is owned by Best Buy) does the same thing.

What about Best Buy’s secret website, that looks identical to BestBuy.com, but has different prices and is only available inside Best Buy stores. This misleading website has been shown to customers who come into Best Buy stores looking to price match a product seen on the website. An investigation is on going in Connecticut.

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Well, WEB price, most of the time is lower because it uses less resource than the physical retail store interm of staffs, leasing a business is rather more expensive than leasing a warehouse and many other factors. Frys and Frys.com, they treat them as two separate identity

TCAS , before you attempt to do any PM’ing I suggest that you read each company’s PM policy and if it says they would price match their online prices or even any online prices print that policy and show it to them in case they refused to honor the PM policy

Some like OfficeMax do honor their web prices an I am glad they do.

staples many times will state “WEB ONLY” on a lot of their items. I still bring a print out and try to price match. sometimes they do it, sometimes they don’t.

It never hurts to try even if it’s not their normal policy. If you’re going to try though you should definitely bring a print out regardless of the policy to avoid the whole best buy internet/intranet thing.

you’re right though…it is a pain when they don’t honor the price…it’s the same business. I guess i can see where they’re coming from though, but as a consumer it sucks.

Best Buy normally do and so is circuit city. But why go through the trouble, buy online, choose in store pickup for bestbuy and circuit city. You can still return the items in store even the purchase was made online. Frys and Frys.com treat each other as a separate identity and thus they will not match each other price but they match competator price though, which is weird since they dont even match their own price. Staples, I’d say 90% of the time they will match their web price so I never had hard time price matching there and office max, 100% price matching to their web price. Office Depot also do that but not the a certain extend as Staples. CompUSA also does the same thing, I never had any problem doing price matching to their web price at compUSA, but every1 here knows I hate CompUSA and I only done price matching twice, both went smoothly because the manager allowed me to use his computer to place order online and chose instore pickup and since I am being my own cashier and thus I dont have to wait in line for cash registering. The manager went and grasped the item I wanted while I am entering my credit card info so I treat it as a PM incident

Target online and the brick & mortar stores are 2 different businesses. Wife ordered an item for her mother that was back in stock at a Target store that was out of them when the order was placed. The order was delivered but was a laptop bag not the electronic toy ordered. Received email confirming right product would be shipped, then an email that it was back ordered. Wife called and asked it it could be picked up at the store and was told that they were 2 different companies.

Staples would not price match Sears Sony Yudens for any more than 1 spindle. The manager said they have the right to limit quantitys. So I got 1 for 6.99 price matched to Sears, but then I went to Sears and got the rest. All MIJ. Staples is cheap.:iagree:

If only this wasnt true, Frys B&M would have a lot of my $$$. I love shopping @ Frys.