Why read-only?

Why do I sometimes get nothing to show up on an InCD4 disk and other times the files show up but ONLY as Read-Only? I have reformatted and successfully burned with InCD4 but even when the files do show up I can’t delete them and it says the disk is Read Only?

Hi Diablo:

I have had the same problem for a number of months and have yet to figure out what is going on. I did discover the last time this happened, that the files in My Documents were all showing as read only at the time that I copied some of them onto a CD. I fixed this by going into Explorer, clicking the plus on My Documents, then clicking on each folder’s name so that it opens up to the right, selecting all the files (go to edit, select all), and then right click over one of the files, go to properties, then making sure the “read-only” box is unchecked. I don’t know if this fixes the problem – I still seem to encounter it occassionally. I heard that the writable CD’s are only good for a certain number of re-writes before the disk is either no good or has to be reformated. I personally am very tired of having to re-write CD’s. Maybe someone else has info that will help us both!