Why PS3 and not DVD Player?

Firstly thanks for the help recently.Able to play all my wedding movies and other backed up stuff now although ive now hit a new stumbling block.After burning my movies from mpeg onto disc why can i not play them on a quality Samsung DVD player but after erasing many discs and redoing them thought i should try 1 or 2 in my Playstation 3 and they work great.Any answers please?!?I cant quite understand where im going wrong.

Perhaps your quality Samsung dvd player doesn’t like region free, self made or other discs from certain brands.

Make a backup of a dvd video you own and try if that’ll work in your Samsung.

Did you convert from .mpg files to DVD format?Or are you playing them as .mpg from discs…

Thanks,im converting them from avi through Total Video Converter and checking DVDVIDEO box which is converting to mpeg2 as default.Dont understand why they playing back on my PS3 and not my dvd player.Any further help will be grateful.Do i have to convert yet again or am i not burning them right??!!??!!After converting i open file location and send it to DVD RW which auto burns successfully.

Im trying to fnd anything out about why my home dvds will play on PS3 but not my dvd player.Im sure ive converted and burned correctly but cant see whats up. Thanx

Most likely Total Video Recorder is not converting to proper DVD structure…Try something else like, DVDflick or ConvertxtoDVD, AVStoDVD, FAVC…The PS3 besides playing DVDs, supports single .mpg, vob, mp4 file playback…

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Will try them and see what happens.Its something similar to whats happened before but my dvd player plays a lot of formats and dont want to play them on a games console .Vice versa now.