Why price difference - nd2500 vs nd2510

Hi everyone, I am new to CDFreaks and I am looking for some basic advice about the NEC nd 2500/2510. :confused:

The best prices I have found (inc tax and delivery) in the UK are: £55.52 for the 2500 (Planet Micro)
and £73.10 for the 2510 (Overclockers UK).

  1. If the hardware is identical, why does the 2510 cost more?
  2. If the 2500 can be reliably upgraded to 2510, why would anyone buy the 2510?

Thanks in advance for your advice. :bow:

2510 officially supports DL, hence price premium
Overclockers UK are normally a bit expensive + have crap customer service.

Somebody posted the price SVP are quoting and I think it was around £60 (better check though).

As for reliability on unofficial upgrade. We won’t get a reasonable idea until people try it and compare it back to real 2510 results. I’ve got a feeling at least at first the problems will be more to do with media compatibility for playback.

I checked DVP but they have none in stock yet.

Also, anyone know where we can get DL media from in UK?

You can’t. It is not yet available.