Why Plextor Premium?



I read everywhere that the plextor premium has special features. (for example varirec) why exactly does this drive able to burn 1:1 of safedisc better than anyone else, and why without all thoes extra hoops you have to jump through??


plextor 1:1’s securom, not safedisc.
A retail securom disc has areas deeper than usual on the data side. When you run a securom disc, securom checks to see if these areas exist. While a normal burner can copy data, it cant burn these areas deeper than usual, thus a normal copy has no deep areas and is identified by the protection.

If you use blindwrite 4.5.7 and higher, with plex premium firmware 1.03-1.05, there’s a exploit on the functions on the premium that bw uses to be able to control the lazer directly, and control how deep the lazer can burn into a disc. Thus, a plex burnt discs has the deepend areas of the original. The plex cant do it to the exact measurements but It is as close to 1:1 as you can get when burning securom. Make sure youre using bldinwrite, make sure ur bwa is good. When burning, it burns at 4x speed using DAO PW/PQ and buffer underrun protection is disabled.

As far as i know only plex premium can do this. lapinou says that the plex 712n has this exploit disabled, maybee too much pressure from sony securom caused it? Lap really hasnt given much technical info as to how bad a block it is, or if fw can get aorund it, actually all lapinou really said is that it jsut cant do it, nothing more, nothing less. I am not sure if the plex 1.6 fw also blocks the issue either, and im not gonna go past 1.05 to test it either… I am also not sure if models higher than 712n can do securom liek the premium does either… if ur adventurous u can test that and let us know.

Personally, id rather see a hack or some way, or maybee some research or any word around the securom 1:1 block on the 712n. anything’s better than the silence and the emulation spam thats been going on lately…


Intersting post deth… thanks for taking time to explain :slight_smile:

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