Why paper label = big NO?

Isn’t glossy waterproof paper label better than smudge ‘easy’ printable media ?
(for inkjet purpose)

If you’d like your discs to remain readable, no. The ‘why’s’ to what creates issues when using paper labels isn’t known with certainty whether it be a weight imbalance, warping/flexing of the discs from the labels, or?, but the fact is that MANY people have had major problems with labels on their DVD media. For CD’s the labels are ok but not for DVD Media.

You can read a lot about this topic in the following thread in the Blank Media forum:

Sticky paper labels on DVD+/-R discs: beware!

SO inkjet printables is fine?

Yes, obviously.


And I wouldn’t let paper labels within 10 feet of my discs. This is after having lots of CDR media kick the bucket after having sticky labels stuck on them.

Inkjet printable discs are just fine, however, as chef pointed out.

How about clear silicone sticker ? It’s for protecting printable disc. But it doesn’t mention whether disc = CD-R or DVDR.

IMO, labels are a no-no for CDR or DVDR, but that’s just me - after losing said CDRs back in the day with labels on, there’s no way I’d chance it with DVD media.

I’m definitely in the minority on this issue, but I’ve been using printed custom labels on my CDRs for at least 7 years (longer probably), and have [U]never[/U] [U]ever[/U] had a problem playing a single one of them (collection of at least 2500+) in any CD player, including those in cars, discmen (remember them?) and every CD playback device one can think of. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been careful in applying the labels – who knows? But despite all the “sensible” warnings, personal experience trumps all.

That’s only for my burned CD collection; DVDs are another story. I haven’t even thought of applying labels to my backups, as DVD players are less forgiving and I don’t really need to do more than write the titles with a Shapie marker.

Hehe, I wish I’d been that lucky with my labelled CDRs - I remember 4 discs in particular that had really important stuff on them (this was in the late 90s, when media was expensive, so backing them up never occured to me) - when I lost those 4, I was devastated, and that was when I decided, no more labels.

I’m glad you’ve had more luck than I, though :slight_smile:

Just curious, but what exactly happened to your labeled CDRs that caused you to lose the data? Other than peeling the labels off – in which case kiss the discs goodbye – nothing in my experience would cause that sort of problem.

They just wouldn’t readThe labels were still intact when I tried them, I never tried peeling them off.

I still had a few of the discs (CDRs) a little while ago, and they were backups of audio discs I had. I tried ripping them with CDex on my LiteOn, and the files were all corrupt (for the most part, some of the tracks were OK).

I think it was possibly a label quality issue…and a year or so back, my neighbour gave me a DVDR with a label on…six months later, I tried ripping the stuff off of it, totally unreadable. I even made a quality scan, which is posted in the Media section somewhere.

Edit: the reason I recommend against it is “better to be safe than sorry”…and I was gutted to lose my stuff. :wink:

Hmm, interesting. Did you ever consider that the problem may have been bad media and/or the inability of your ripper and/or ripping program to read the discs? I won’t belabor the point beyond this, but my own experiences belie the usual warnings about using those dangerous labels on CDRs. And when it comes to archiving absolutely critical material I can’t afford to lose, I back it on a second disc.

That’s where having different drives/ripping prgrams comes in handy - if one won’t work, try another. :wink:

Luckily, the stuff I lost most recently wasn;t anything important, but as I said - the important stuff, I lost back in the days when media was expensive, and CDRW drives were sloooowww.

Of course, there’s plenty of reasons and “could have beens” that might have been the cause of the lost data. :iagree:

As I say though, I just wouldn’t want anyone to feel the way I did when I lost those 4 discs.

Whether or not people choose to use labels, at the end of the day, is always gonna be their choice, no matter what people tell them. And people’s experiences are always going to differ somewhat :wink:

And you’re right about backup - now I’ve learned what losing it can do, I also backup to two other sets :iagree:

interesting thread along with all the references (been reading in here about an hour or more [closer to two?])…so, for CDR stuff (music), would the “damage” to the media manifest as the the CD developing ‘skips’ all of a sudden or actually having distortion in cuts that were fine (and still are on the master)? I too used the memorex expressit labeler (a whopping total of 5 disks up to now) and I seem to be having problems with ALL of them (using the paper matte finish labels)…I thought I was pressing to hard as the physical labeler is slightly concave and it occurred to me that perhaps I was introducing microscopic cracks in the surface/layers that is affecting the playability. But after reading so much in here, I’m more inclined to think I’m experiencing a weight or tilt issue with the CDs now? Opinions? Suggestions? Please don’t bother with the “only and idiot would blah blah blah” and some of the other knee jerk comments I’ve read over the last couple hours and recommend that I put the stuff on eBay or whatever. Appreciate serious replies…I know something is hozed here and if it’s worth the time/effort to address it or just forego the labels altogether and write some “taking them to task” emails/letters to Memorex…TIA…Dave in TX

I wouldn’t let paper labels within 10 feet of my discs.

Same here - same issues - plus…

The extra thickness of the label made the disc slightly thicker, enough to “hang” when trying to eject it from my very expensive front loading Pioneer CD/MP3 Car stereo. At one point I had to actually use needle-nose pliers to grab the disc & pull it out!

That was enough for me. Now I just use Sharpies, but will probably upgrade to inkjet print in the future.

katz :slight_smile:

I’d be afraid of an off centered label’s outward force during playback causing enough vibration to damage drives in encountered (long term use, of course) I have only used one labeled CD-R my whole life, and it made the tray in my old 24x cd-rom drive vibrate like mad. who know how much wear and tear it contributed to that drive. probably most of it.

For anyone interested in sticking labels on discs, check out this thread I just saw in the NEC Forum :eek:

Kind of bums me cause it would be so great if I could put glossy labels on DVD’s like I have CD’s. DVD’s seem way more sensitive and every single time I have put a paper label on a DVD that takes up the whole disk, playback suffers.

CD’s seem much more forgiving, but I do find that over time the labels can warp/come off, especially in the heat of the car.

So, I’m all about the sharpies.

Maybe someday if glossy-printable CD’s and DVD’s become common so no smearing or smudging can happen, I’ll re-look at it, but for now, nah.