Why optical discs are NOT OBSOLETE!

There are many more reasons than mentioned here, and I wrote then down somewhere in my notes, that are not mentioned in the following list yet (one of them is: easiest offline hardcopy distribution):

Optical discs have such an interesting science and have many advantages. I wish that the world would understand. Optical discs are NOT out of fashion.

Additionally, HD-DVD has also unique advantages:

Hopefully, world will soon see HVD. It could also be reversible (no matter from which side inserted into the disc drive) and one data layer on a multilayer disc can be sacrificed for labelflash. Optionally, LightScribe could label the disc from one side, which would disable reversible inserting.

Maybe, the LightScribe layer could be re-writeable. (LightScribe-RW).

We won’t see optical media comeback in the consumer market, it will stay niche product for people who can understand the benefits of using one.

In the corporate sector optical media will stay relevant for many years for long term archiving purposes. Development is still underway from Sony and Panasonic. Tripple layer, dual sided disc of 300GB (~270ish) are available for purchase, unfortunately there is still no consumer grade drive available on the market.

Unknown to many, the HD-DVD standard is alive and used in China:

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