Why only LiteOn can do tests?


How many LiteOn Writers are ? I don’t know but
I have no one. I have Pioneer 107D and I want to test
my DVD(+)-Rs too !!! Any idea ?


if you’re asking why you can’t use Kprobe, it’s explained in the Kprobe thread:

Kprobe is a testing suite, designed for use with the current group of LiteOn CD and DVD burners.

you can still scan for readability with programs like Nero CD Speed or DVDInfoPro, but you won’t get the PI/PO scans found in the media test forums.

u can still use a liteon dvdrom or if u dont have that u could still use Kprobe with ANY dvd rom/writer for a transfer rate test only. i think the one in kprobe is better than cdspeed. cdspeed doesnt allow my to scan ps2 games!?!

when u do a transfer rate test ur looking for smooth striaght lines. if its all wonky in places it means the speed decresed and the burn is hard to read which = rubbish.

UM Doctor Pro.II by Sanyo & OptoRite can do that too.

Its a small light at the end of tunel.