Why only certain drives can use Nero disc quality?




In my quest to find a decent new DVD writer (currently failing miserably), I’ve found that only certain drives are able to use Nero disc quality utility, so why is that? What is it exactly that some drives have that others don’t in order for this utility to work?

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A chipset that handles error reporting - some drives are have it but are prohibited by a registry setting (which can be changed) - though the drives where it is disabled by default are probably not going to be particularly good scanners.

My Samsung, for instance, was disabled by default. Scan speed seems to be max or 12x, and that is going to give poor results toward the end.


Thanks Matth.

With regards the speed, I’ve always left it at default which is ‘Maximum’, but I do notice sometimes that there are poor results towards end of the scan, however there is only two other speeds which are 16x and 12x. Is 12x still to fast then? If so I take it certain drives are able to scan slower?


What drive are you using?

Yes, most drives able to scan at all are able to scan at some slower speed.


The Liteon’s have always been popular for scanning, though possibly the BENQ DW1620-1655 have an edge.

The current Liteon IHAS series seem to be able to scan at 4x.

Scanning at high (CAV) speed, results in an increasing speed toward the end, which will accentuate any errors.

Another form of test that IS done at max speed, is the transfer rate test (often abbreviated to TRT) - if a disc reads to the end without having to drop speed, then that’s a good sign. This can be done with a non-scanning drive.


Albert, I currently only have one drive that is capable of disc quality test which is iHAS 124-19 B, and this is able to test at 12x & 16x speed only.

Matth, that’s interesting, but is the transfer rate test available in Nero disc speed please? I’m sure the option is starring at me, but can’t see it. I’m not too familiar with disc speed as only really ever used for the disc quality scan.

Just going through the options now and looks like it’s the green line of the benchmark that should be concerned with correct? How would you interpret bad quality, or in other words how much of a drop would be considered a bad burn?

I have a strange outcome comparing the benchmark to disc quality scan across different drives. Using a known bad burn with a disc quality reading of ZERO using my iHAS 124-19 B, where the benchmark also fails to complete, using the same disc in my LG BH10LS30, it’s not only able to complete the benchmark, but also with no drop in speed. If I’ve understood correctly, this would suggest ‘good’ burn.

I guess then some drives are more capable than others, where as some will happily read supposed bad burns, where as others will cry and spit it’s dummy out, correct? If that is the case, this then begs the question, can any of these scans really be relied on?


[QUOTE=dupfold;2755293]but is the transfer rate test available in Nero disc speed please? I’m sure the option is starring at me, but can’t see it. I’m not too familiar with disc speed as only really ever used for the disc quality scan.[/QUOTE]
The Transfer Rate Test is performed on the Benchmark tab.

The optimal result is a perfectly smooth graph, but other factors beside disc quality may either cause the graph to momentarily dip or to be limited at the high end, so a non-smooth graph doesn’t [I]necessarily[/I] mean the disc is problematic, but it [I]might[/I] mean that.


The iHAS124 B is supposed to support disc quality scanning at a wider range of speeds. I’m not sure why it isn’t offering you slower speeds. (Specifically 8x and 4x)


Strange as I have the last/latest firmware too ‘AL0S’. I’ve tried a number of new drives recently and none of them support disc quality scan, so are the iHAS the only ones to do so now?

As I have a Lite-on, would it be better to use Kprobe over Nero disc speed? I tried it today but results were actually very similar. Kind of prefer Nero just because I’m used to it, but will use Kprobe if advisable?

I’ve noticed where most drives that do not support this disc quality option, the option simply disappears from menu, however with some older Pioneer drives I have (112D, 116D & 215D), the option is there, but when I select it error message advises ‘Drive does not support this function’. I’m guessing these could be changed via registry setting to allow scan? If so how would I go about that, or is there custom firmware I could use? I will of course continue to use the Lite-on to scan, but would be good to have another option should it be needed.


LiteOn drives & their clones are the only ones from the past 5 years or so that support decent disc quality scanning. Samsung drives generally do, with no jitter scanning on DVD media (or BD media, for applicable drives). The last 4 or 5 models of LG DVDRW drives … might?, but it’s equivalent to the Samsung drives.

Pioneer drives do not support scanning… Or if they do it isn’t reliable. So there’s nothing to be gained from unlocking the feature.

There is no reason to use KProbe over Nero or ODC.


Thanks Albert, you certainly know your stuff! :slight_smile: