Why on Earth is restar required?

I can use Alcohol 120% after installing without restarting just fine. Why does BW require a restart on Windows XP Pro?

Your system requires a restart due to the installation of the Patin-Couffin access layer which was developed by VSO software to be used throught their software suite. (BlindWrite, CopyToDVD)

That really doesn’t explain why when I install CopyToDVD it doesn’t ask for a restart but if I install BlindWrite it does.

Considering the patin-c driver was already installed and before you say it probably updated the driver, C2D was installed before BW5 and both had the same version of the driver.

IIRC, C2D has never asked for a restart on my machine and it works immediately after installation, (and it does install the driver).

BW also installs the autoplay-filter-driver, which C2D does not… at least i think so, even if i never tested this software (C2D) :wink:
btw: even alcohol 120 wants you to restart after an installation, so your first post was not 100% correct.
btw (2): i don’t mind about rebooting, how long does it take? 30 - 60 seconds - you could easily do this while going to the toilet :wink:

Of course, you are completely right - autoplay needs the restart.

So to the OP, you don’t have to restart, you can start using BW5 immediately, (as I have), it’s just that any copy that requires autoplay to run will need you to restart first.

Ahh, quite true. I forgot about autoplay, my mistake.