Why on earth is it taking so long for DL prices to come down?

How long would you guess until a blank DL is <$1? 1 year? 2 years or more?

How’s about $.50. :bigsmile:

Not long I predict. Just wait for Blu Ray and the Format wars to rage…da da da daaa da, da da da daaa da.

i think it will take ages, prices have stayed constant pretty much for ages now. As long as i can fit whole films onto single layers i won’t be buying many dual layer media much.

Infomedia 2.4x DVD+R DL is going slightly above US$4 in Taiwan right now. I know LG GSA-4163B got full support for it. :bigsmile:

What I find remarkable is how now there are so many cheap DL writers available yet barely a drop in the DL media.

I remember I was at Frye’s the other day and a guy was buying a $39 POS BTC DL writer and asking the sales guy if he had any DL media. They didn’t have any in stock. As soon as I told this guy how much DL media was he said “uh I’ll stick with regular disks”. A few DL coasters from a POS writer and that’ll be enough to throw it in the trash.

i’ve only tried burning two dual layers so far, both worked really well, i would use them more if they were cheaper, i can get like 25 single layers for the same price or i could the last time i bought a dual layer disc. They can’t be that much more expensive to produce.

i’ve got a feeling the entertainment industry may make sure that the dual layer media stays expensive.

also, think how long it took for dvd-r media to get to about $0.50 - about 3 years!

it’s a bit absurd that you can buy a burner for the cost of 4 discs!

also does anyone actually make 4x dl media yet? i thought it was all 2.4x, and i wonder if dvd-r dl will make the prices of dvd+r dl fall?

i heard something about 4x dual layer drives coming out but there isn’t any media for that speed yet, or i’m i talking out my hole?

Anyways i’d love to burn a dual layer dvd-r, just so i can say i’ve done it! I think that by the time they come down to a decent price, we’ll already have blu-ray, hd-dvd and hd-dvd-1.

4X Drives are out …Not so sure about media yet but i agree the prices are dropping far to slow…

4X is out, PX716A. i burn Verbatim DL discs at 4X even though they’re rated as 2.4X. here’s a scan:

I have a feeling the price will drop only when double layer dvd-r comes out because just now they have no competition…

Not quite 4x for me but near enough
verbatim 2.4X double layer discs
@ the time of the scan i was using herries firmware 2.17

New optical disk offers huge storage

i read ages ago that there was a company making discs that would exceed a TB (1000 Gb), either the company or the discs were called C3D or something like that. It had 20 layers on it i think. Anyone else heard about that?

Philips 2.4x DVD+R DL is going for US$3 in Taiwan. Decent stuff considered it’s from CMC factory actually. :o

Now i would be tempted to pick up some at that price.

wow, any way to get those in the US?

BTW it’s printable, result with BenQ DW1620. A note, it doesn’t work well on Plextor @ 4x


Seems like Taiwan made media is dirt cheap over there. I need to fork out US$9 for the same Philips.

thx for the info Sen. im just gonna sit and wait (discontentedly) for Verbatim DLs to come down in price.