Why not Post Pictures of RatDVD Quality thread?



I Think that would be a good idea.


No it’s not. Quality is in the eye of the beholder, that’s a first reason for a no-no. Next, how do you propose to post pictures? Simple printscreens can’t be reliable due to the following reasons:

  1. Printscreening from a movie can be tricky as quality is lost.
  2. Printscreening from a player which uses overlay gives a dark/blank image as result

The only (somehow) reliable method of getting a correct frame is to edit the movie and extract one frame but there are impediments:

  1. The frame should not be altered. So, when I extract a frame from a movie I have to import it to an image editing software and then save it (this is recompression and the result should be lossy)
  2. Saving a frame directly from a movie can be done if you have special software that can work directly with the movie, but .ratDVD format is still to be dissecated.

More than that… You cannot compare images, you have to take into considerration what the movie is played on. A 17" monitor can show great quality compared to a 42" plasma screen :smiley:


Warforpeace- i liked you when we began this discission a while back in the newsposts but…A******!!! what the HELL do you think www.vcdquality.com is for with their samples? My problem was not that i had a bad idea i just forgot what kind of bizarre GEEK would give me a STUPID DUMBASS Response.

EDIT: Any further derogatory outbursts will see more than the post deleted. Learn to live with people that may have opposite views to yours. - CM


loooooool, just keep it civil! Is there any tool or some trick to make an image of “overlay” movies?


converted seinfeld season 3 cd 2 to ratdvd
quality 105
time it took: about 5 hours
dvd size: 5.42 gb
rat size: 1.88 gb
quality: very watchable, like vhs quality
ratdvd also resized the video resolution which i did not expect
heres some screenshots of the ratDVD at 200% normal size saved as max quality jpeg



jef195, you missed the point and missed what my message said from the very first (oh, well, second) phrase.
But if you can post screenshots that can be reliable and show encoding quality please, be my guest. Why not do it yourself instead of asking others?
I know you are a little bit frustrated because I “cut your wings” on that idea, but honestly, I think the results are very unreliable considering the factors already exposed and, even more, the awesome differences between people’s tastes. What might be, in my opinion, great quality, other people might find it worse than a hairy donkey’s ass.
You can’t compare VCDquality.com to ratDVD. Well, you can, but it’s like adding cows and pigs.
So, I eagerly await for your pictures and then you can prove me I was wrong.