Why not just use two lasers?

I’ve thought about this before. Dunno how it would work, if it would even be cost effective.

Why not just use two lasers in an Optical drive and half writing time? Technically, if you burnt with two lasers simultaneously one starting at the centre, one going from the end to the middle - and burnt @ 6x, the disc would be done in 5 minutes. Thus almost obliterating any 16-20x drives speed and killing it for quality.

8x would make for 4 minute burns.

Am I dreaming? I know it would be complicated but if someone released a writer claiming it was the worlds fastest and best quality, everyone would wanna try it. Seeing as two lasers going @ 8x would be the fastest and also best quality - I see the manufacturers of such a drive would be getting some huge sales.

What’s your opinions on that idea?

BTW - also take into account that almost all media could be written far faster than usual using this method. More media would be supported and the drive makers would only ever have to tune the drive for 8x writing which would be so much easier than tuning it for ridiculous speeds like 20x.

Costs, costs, costs…

[QUOTE=chef;1921893]Costs, costs, costs…[/QUOTE]

Yeah that’s the only real downside that I see to this. more lasers = more price. But plenty of people paid through the nose for plextor drives so why wouldn’t they do the same for something technically superior?

The problem is also with the development, I think.
Time, engineers, etc. comes into play and in the end: money. :iagree:

This particular way of writing would require that all burning applications had to be updated, so that they could deliver two writing streams (one for each laser) to the drive instead of just a single stream; or the drive would have to cache the entire disc image first, which would kill any perfomance benefits.

This would only work on dual layer media. For single layer, the disc is spinning in such a way that if you follow the track (spiral) you work your way to the outside of the disc.

[QUOTE=RichMan;1921965]This would only work on dual layer media. For single layer, the disc is spinning in such a way that if you follow the track (spiral) you work your way to the outside of the disc.[/QUOTE]

Well you could make the second laser start midway through the disc and finish at the end, that was the lasers are both going in the same direction.

Anyways, Drage makes an excellent point. Software would have to be modified. I’m sure nero could make a special version for it in the cd that comes with the drive but other good programs (IMG burn) wouldn’t work :frowning:

Even if you could start the second laser writing halfway along in the same direction, I imagine there’d still be problems. No idea of the technicalities but surely there’s no guarantee that the first laser’s writing job would end up exactly at that pre-calculated point where the second one started?

Even with caching the image in the computer first; might it be possible for surface aberrations on the disc cause extra information to be written that would throw the calculation out?

And isn’t a correct linking of two separate tracks only possible with +RW?

(EDIT: Ooops! Completely coincident posting with cd pirate :slight_smile: )