Why not CLV?

why isn’t there / can’t there be a 40x CLV writer from liteon or any other maufacturer - is there something that physically stops this from being possibe ?

YES, the CD can’t rotate that fast.

The top rotational speed that could be reached(without the CD breaking into pieces and things like that) is 10000-12000rpm which is not enough to start writing at 40X


i think we call it meltdown- or whats that smell :rolleyes:

I think 1x speed is something like 500 RPM (in the center)… which would make 40x equal to 20,000 RPM.

Not that this is going to happen, but theoretically you could get faster burn speeds by rotating the write optics in the alternate direction.

I seriously doubt we’ll ever see that, but just a thought…

OC - Hows your testing going with the NEW FIRMWARE :frowning:
Anyway guys here is a link to some tests with the p-cav.ZSOD.



how bout 24x clv? for a good deal of burns i usually just do 20x clv on my liteon 40x, just for the heck of it… takes like 2 mins longer

what do those 56x drives spin at anyway? do they start at 24x on the inside?

my drive starts the disc around 11500 rpm 22x and finishes at 10500 48x…

I think the faster read-only drives use a pickup that covers several tracks at once, something that cannot be done when burning.

godzilla, you’re refering to “Kenwood 72x”, which reads several tracks at once and rotates a disc only as fast as 24x.

But “normal” drives, even 56x, only read one track, and so they need a rotation of 12000/min or so, which causes terrible noise.

The Kenwood 72x drive was what I had in mind.

LG has just released the first official 40x P-CAV writer: CDRLabs.com’s Review.

:frowning: I want my litey’s firmware for p-cav !!!

OC you there best buddy:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: