Why not a securom emulation burn?

I hope this doesn’t sound foolish, and I’m don’t know every law about it, but why can’t the following be done…

We have Dameon Tools, a legal way to work around copy protection that is uncopyable by our current hardware/media ie: new securom. By saying legal I mean no changes are made to the orignal software. But Dameon Tools, in essence works as a wrapper, it just emulates the protection enabling the games to run. Well… why not enable emulation to be included somehow in a proprietory manner for our burns. I personally don’t like Dameon Tools not for the program itself but because I simply don’t like having extra things starting up and I hate having virtual drives. So why not somehow incorporate aspects of DT into the burns we make. We would still not be modifying the original packaging so therefore it should still be considered a legal method right. I think it would be cool if a program like CCD or any other software would burn with emulation to cd’s. If it was possible, we would also be able to get around any new protection ever made in the future.

Technically, your post doesn’t make too much sense :stuck_out_tongue: , but what you are aiming at is “twinpeak”, which you find a posting about in this forum.

Im basically saying include emulation per burn cd proprietary to that protection scheme. I didnt getthet twinpeak stuff too much and I think its for linux not windows… oh well

Two things:

  1. Twinpeak is definitely for windows. It includes windows-only code. :wink:
  2. I think you’re suggesting a wrapper for it, eg. An autorun CD which emulates a CD which has UT2003 on it? It’s most certainly possible (Though somewhat hazy legally), but I know of no tools to do this.

You’d need 800 MB discs for most games thought (or even 870 MB, for games which require a subchannel file), which would be not really nice.

alexnoe, thats huge and not so nice, but how well would the 99minute cd-r’s work? I dunno how well they correlate with games, I know nobody who tried it, nor have I tried it myself.

The quality of most 99min media is :Z, and the price is :Z as well. It should work, though. They aren’t compatible to some readers either. That’s why I wouldn’t consider this a solution.

You could store it mostly in 2048, with only some description files, such as which sectors are bad, etc., and the DPM info.

Your suggestion is interesting :
As Daemon-Tools emulates securom except last version (DPM) that needs :

  • Add the DPM somewhere in the image (so the backup will not be longer a 1:1), this could be possible but maybe too easy for later detection by SECUROM guys .

  • Modify Daemon to make it emulate the DPM characteritics (and hide (if possible ?) the modification made in the backup to store DPM information) like it emulates for example the safedisc 2 weak sectors, I don’t think that it is done yet or foreseen may be for technical reason (that i don’t know) but mainly because of the risk of SECUROM detection later .

Last idea could be to use DPM file (small and easy to backup on the HD) outside the backup to emulate from the cdr backup, in this case only the last point (emulate DPM from a cdr) has to be solved .

Note that some burners are SAO only and twinpeak will never help in this case, the only solution is emulation .