Why nobody reply to me

…perhaps because i’m trying to understand somethings more

to know how hacking nec firmware!!

i think hat many people work on it more we can do better,

I do not want to steal secret things to anyone

I would like someone simply to tell me if Esiste a program or a Tool and how he is operated to modify the Firmware of 3500

asking is allowed, but answering is kindness in Italia we say so


…i guess because no-one can understand what youre asking!
I know its hard speaking out of your native language but try and phrase the question more clearly.
I’ve found this a very helpful and friendly place so try again.

i want only to know if there is a program to change firmware strategies

to overspeed medias.


There is, but it is not out for the public.

thanks to answer me.

but why it’s not public??

Heh 2 people have PM me for a tool to change write strats in 1 day =) An 1 wanted to know how to changed them =)

another question can you tell me what is the chipset of nec 3500??

so i hope to find a disassembler for the firmware


i thinks that more people can try we can do the best results!!

Search for H8 disassembler…

thanks you

there is this??

Hitachi H8/300 Disassembler

That should work, you know the CPU does have the part number stamped on it if you’d take the time to look.

To be a good patcher you need to study and develop your own answers, rather than ask questions at every step. Patching these drives is realtively easy, but you do need the right skill set to do it. For others to trust your patching skills you must demonstrate you know what you are doing, the hardware can be very unforgiving if you get it wrong.

Brother Vlad

Dont come cryin to this web site when you f’ up your burner.May it RIP. :sad:

Great! At least someone else who has the courage to try! I’m eagerly awaiting the first mods from cipiu866.

Hitachi H8/300: Google finds, Emule gets…

Unfortunately there’s not to much info floating around the NEC forum on how to patch the firmware. Very few people seem to know the details but unfortunately they tend to keep it to themselves. I hope you accomplish your mission anyway.