Why no turion in tablets?



I’m gonna be buying a tablet pc sometime down the road, and was looking around at my work (best buy) to see if we had any with a turion. We don’t, so I searched on the internet, and I couldn’t find one tablet that has a turion.

Since this is for school, I’m not too worried about it, but does anyone have any idea why there are no turions in tablets?


Maybe because Turion is too new while it takes too long to develop a tablet PC?


One reason might be that the tablet PC isn’t really popular by the public. Companies might see little reason in designing even more tablet PCs, as the concept doesn’t seem to to do what it was intended to.


Really, what was it intended to do?


Another reason might be AMD not wanting to enter that market. It’s well known that AMD doesn’t have the manufacturing capacity of Intel and therefore, may want to save all of their processors for broader and more lucrative markets. Incidentally Intel hasn’t always been available in Tablet PC’s, so maybe the market demand isn’t there.

I would guess that if the market caught fire, AMD would enter it rather quickly.


It was intended to sell…