Why no sound when DTS/6 on top?

I’m using clone dvd… I copied “Cast Away” and couldn’t get any sound for the longest… I finally figured out that even though I successfully have copied other movies with DTS/6 sound, that those movies didn’t have DTS/6 on top of the clone list and so the first choice… that is was usually second, with AC-3/2 as first or AC-3/6?
I understand that my player must be able to play DTS/6 in order to hear DTS/6… but why won’t it default down to the next one if DTS/6 is not supported by the player?

Am I wasting space on the cd, to even record mulitple formats if my player won’t support it? ( I use the KISS dp-500) and toshiba 1712 in my computer… neither seems to play it…

In order to get sound to work with cast away… I simply had to “deselect” the DTS/6 so it didn’t even copy it.

What would you suggest?.. just always deselect DTS/6?.. or is there a way to “move it down the list” so my player will play whats on top, but if another player that Supports DTS/6 plays the cd, it will play?..
There’s still alot about clone dvd that is hidden and puzzles me…
And alot I have to learn about dvd backup.

My advice for you is to allways get rid of the DTS sound. It takes to much space on the DVD and will force CloneDVD to use a lesser video quality.

AC3 is good enough when watching DVDs with your home entertainment system. If you really wan’t the enhanced sound of the DVD i would suggest to not make a copy but use the original.


that sound reasonable and thats what I normally do if its not going to be 100% quality… but there are times… especially if I split the movie into 2 disks “because its long and I want quality”, that it will be 100% quality even with dts/6 engaged?..

Do you feel its still bad to check it then?..

and what do you mean it will force clonedvd to use a lesser quality?.. Isn’t dts/6 better than AC/3? dolby?

DTS takes more space on the DVD then AC3. That will in turn mean that there is less space for the video part of the DVD since a DVDR has limited space available.

Less space means that CloneDVD will have to “compress” the film more resulting in worse picture quality.

If you split a DVD on 2 DVDR you will have room enough for everything and don’t have to compress the video quality therefore you can keep DTS as well as all extras.

Hope i made sense.


you made perfect sense… I think I failed in making myself clear…

I understand I have no limits if I choose to go to 2 cd’s … cause now I have 9.4gig of capacity… but My question… or rather my problem was with "cast away’… when I put DTS/6 in the lineup… it was on top of the AC/3 and the others… so when I tried to play it… all I got was silence because “I assume”, that since my player doesn’t play DTS/6 rather than default down the list to the one it could play… it rather didn’t play anything?

I have found that If I have a movie with DTS/6 that is not on top, then I hear the movie just fine… because “again I assume”, that my player simply plays whats on top of the list … “like AC/3”

My deliema is that… if its not going to play it anyway… whats the point of putting it on at all?..
In other words… If even a DTS/6 player won’t play it unless its on top “which would kill my non-dts/6 player from being able to play it”, then why even put it on at all?

I think I don’t understand why cast away put it on top…
Let me also say… that I dont copy the Menus… I understand that If I had the menus then I would have been able to “choose” which audio stream to use… the reason I killed the menus however, was because when I enabled them… often the movie would freeze or stop right after the menus because it was seeking something that I didn’t copy… so I just quit copying the menus altogether…
So is it fair to say that copying more than one sound stream is a waste of time unless I also bring over a menus so I can choose it?

I have a DD/DTS decoder (Onkyo AV) and I can change the audio stream on the fly, with the AV remote, with the original DVD. Since I own the originals I just keep the DTS track because I prefer a quarter compression comapred to a twelfth with AC3 DD. If the backup is gonna ‘move around’ then consider the possibility that not all AVs or soundcards or software players can decode DTS.

Yep, more MB for sure but only one audio stream is really necessary. Stereo for sure-fire work anywhere, AC3 DD for most places and DTS when it ain’t moving from the loungeroom :slight_smile:

thanks… that about sizes it up…

So I wonder… I don’t have a dts player like you… but if you “don’t” choose the menus… or rather if you leave them out… can you still choose to bounce around on the fly?.. or are the menus necessary?

Because I have as yet to figure out how to keep the menus without screwing up the playback… It likes to stick and stop… and I have to fastfarward past it to get it going again?

ps. i’m using clonedvd

If you use analog sound output your stand alone DVD player must have an internal dts decoder. Most standalone dvd player only have a AC3 decoder built in.

I use coax digital output to my amplifier which have a DTS and AC3 decoder built in.