Why no sound from DVD player yet plays from computer?

I know the solution is going to be very simple to my issue, but can I work it out??!

I’ve used Convert XtoDVD to get some great results with AVI’s and MKV films, but sometimes the sound from the burnt DVD’s won’t play on my standalone dvd player.

I’ve tried plugging the stereo into every available output socket on the back of the dvd -l/r/f/c/rear etc. but nothing. Most other DVD’s play fine so it’s definitely something to do with the original sound format I’ve got with the AVI’s etc. as the DVD plays in the computer with perfect sound.

I’m getitng really frustrated as I now have quite a few films I’ll have to try and watch on the laptop -and not my lovely big old lovely TV,

Cheers for your advice guys

It would help to know the type of audio you are using in your output from ConvertX. AC3 is probably the most compatible.

You can open the VTS_01_1 file in the Video_TS folder with MediaInfo and find the specs for both the video and audio in the dvd.

MediaInfo will also give the specifications on the original avi files. You may find a common thread on which ones are working and which types are giving you trouble in your conversions.