Why no new Firmware updates for the LG 4163B?

How long has it been now sonce A105 came out? Plenty of new media needs to be added we all know this and maybe 12x on -R.

Anyone hear anything?

The GSA-4163B isn’t produced any longer as far as I know … the 4165B/4166B/4167B have taken its place … the external model 5163D isn’t produced any longer as well.

This sounds to me like LG is focusing on the newer models these days … maybe there will be a final update to 1.06 or something but I doubt it.

I don’t think so. Last week or the week before that, LG released A306 for the 4160B, which is an even older drive. If they are still releasing firmware for that drive, I don’t see why they should not be doing the same for the 4163B.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on LG’s firmware releases, there is a sort of pattern to it. Previously, they would release new firmware for the 4120B, then the 4160B and finally the 4163B. That cycle has been changed because of the release of the 4165B and 4167B (I have never seen firmware updates for the 4164B or 4166B). I think they had to concentrate on the 4167B for a while because that is their flagship model right now. Firmware versions prior to DL12 produced burn quality which was inferior to the 4163B. So they had to do something about it.

Now that they have released A306 for the 4160B, I am expecting new firmware for the 4163B next.