Why no information on the HP C5550 Printer?

My trusty Epson RX580 no longer successfully prints on CDs/DVDs…
I’m in the market for a replacement printer to print directly on this media.

I stumbled across the HP C5550 printer at Sam’s Club and it list the ability to print on CDs and DVDs. It comes with a tray to hold the media and even has a slot to store the tray when not in use.

I’m finding it hard to find much information on how well this feature really works. I’ve done searches here as well as the general internet but didn’t find much info.

Does anyone here have any first hand knowledge of how well this works or how it compares to the Epson or Canon printers?



There’s been some discussion here on the HP’s and it’s generally been "Run the other way"
Go with Epson or Canon for disk printing until HP can develop an eqivalent.