Why no Info on Norcent RW320?

I bought this 32x burner for $18.75 (if they honor the rebate). I’ve installed it and it seems to work well on the first couple of days. It overburned 714.3MB on a 700MB disk in 4min13sec using xcdroast under linux. However, there is absolutely no info available on this drive beyond what is written on the side of the box that I could turn up on the net. Microcenter & Best Buy sell this thing in the US so its available widely. Does anyone have any information, has anyone done any reviews? Even if it stinks, there should at least be a review to warn people off, and if it doesn’t stink, it’s real cheap and available.

What I came up with is www.norcent.net Probably this drive is a rebadged version of a cd-rw manufacterer. Maybe someone else knows this?

never heard of it