Why no B7T9 on Benq.com?



Oh wise and kind Benq masters, why is firmware update B7T9 not listed on benq.com? It appears the most up-to-date firmware available there is B7P9. Does Benq not update the site as fast as they do the firmware or am I just missing it somehow.

I see T9 available on our unofficial forum site, it just seems odd that T9 wouldn’t be the one listed on benq.com. I’ve searched for an answer to this question with no luck, if it’s already been handled can someone direct me? No big deal. . . thanks for help clearing up my addled mind.


Hrmmm… sure you were looking in the right place? It’s definitely listed. :slight_smile:



Oops, I knew I was just missing it. Thanks Braxas for the head’s up.


If i as a stupid luser followed that link, i would download the most recent version and flash it to my drive … not even a readme there which contains the drive type!


The BenQ America website only lists up to B7P9 for some reason. Weird, huh?


looks at oman They certainly make it obvious enough…

Result for : DVD-ReWriter DW1620/ DW1620 Pro / Driver & Firmware / Windows XP / all Language

Right above the firmware listing! :stuck_out_tongue: hehe


Sorry a misunderstanding here - there was a warranty discussion I am quite interested in in another thread and I somehow (it was late) assumed everyone would understand what I meant by my statement - but what I really meant to say was:

On the German website, Downloads, they clearly print “Fw for DW1620” and “Fw for DW1620 PRO” and the first is seperated once more “Please use G… firmware for drives without ‘BenQ’ printed on = bulk drives” and “Use B… firmware for drives with ‘BenQ’ printed on = retail drives” - but no such distinction on the Global Download site!

How can they void my warranty if I used the most recent firmware (“Firmware (B7T9) Release Date: 23-Dec-2004”) on their global download page BenQ Global DW1620 Firmware download page if they dont even tell me it is for DW1620PRO only (as the German BenQ download page clearly states!) - and the global page says nothing about bulk/retail, too.

So I guess, as soon as the name “BenQ” appears in BIOS setup or Windows Device Manager or whereever, I am allowed to download the latest version from the German website or the Global website (or I think whatever localized BenQ website I want to - what if I where Korean living in Germany?) and if it works and updates my drive, everything is fine and my warranty will be untouched.