Why no ±R media?

so the DVD writers have 2 standards, +R and -R… and the solution for best compatability is to use both in the same drive ±R.

but why isn’t there a ±R media that can be burned either +R or -R, at the end the main chemicals is the same (there are MCC +R and -R), and lands and pits are the same size… it seems it’s only leadin format…

The battle of the ( 2 different ) formats for the market.

not true, Dvd- uses the pre pits technology and Dvd+ uses the ADIP method. Although the discs look the same, when viewed on the inside you 'll see that these formats are very, very different from each other. Besides that, both recording formats use a different wavelength, which is the main reason that there even are seperate recorders for each format :D.

have a look here if you’re interested in the specifications: http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/113

with thanks to Spath :wink:

Is the technical difference a reason of different speed enhancement?
I mean, 8x +R media came before -R, then the same thing is happening for 16x or 2.4x DL media. (Also many dual format writers are unbalanced to prefer +R speed.)
I’m just curious in distinguishing between “marketing and investment” and “technical difficulty due to format difference.”.

Also answered in the article :
“But the pre-pit technology is not only a weakness against noise, it also
becomes a limiting problem as the speed of the disc increases, because at high
speeds pre-pits are more difficult to detect than phase inversions.”

hence this is why dvd+r do better at faster speeds than dvd-r :wink:

Ok, but as the OPU and other hardware technology advances, won’t it get ‘easier’ to detect these pre-pits at higher speeds?